TFL Finance


Got a tel interview coming up for TFL Finance! Ill let you know how it goes! any advice would be appreciated especially on what tfl look for!

its a competency based one, so i know i have to prepare with examples etc! im so nervous n its a long way off, wednesday lol


Tel interview is quite easy if you know some competency examples. go to the tfl graduate website and open the page that says: what we look for, during the interview (if you can think fast) apply some of the competencies sought here to your examples! thanks




You’ll be tested on these 3 competencies:

Customer Focus
Scheduling & Motivation

Make sure you have examples for those, because I can guarantee 99% chance you’ll have them for the Finance scheme. In addition you’ll have the following technical question:

“TfL has decided to extend Underground operating time by 1 hour on Saturday and Sundays, i.e from 10AM close to 11AM. What costs are associated with this?”

Include stuff like lighting costs, staff and security costs, the extra energy required to run the trains, etc etc.


thank you sooooooooooooo much, your a lifeeeeeeee saver mate, ill let u know how it went? i assume u did well? i hope you did


i had a tel interview 2 weeks ago, received an email confirming i was successful, a week later i received another call and they scheduled another tel interview to ask 1 more competency question and then the question above by reg. they want you to think outside the box, i wasnt lucky enough to read the question before hand but it helps to plan ahead!!! waiting for another email to confirm whether ive made it or not, AGAIN!!


Have they got back to you yet?


Reg thank you so much, i don’t know if i had done well on the telephone interview but your information was very useful, i had my test on Friday and it been almost a week and they haven’t replied


have u done the telephone interview and if yes, have they replied back to you?


I’m wondering the same thing - I had my interview about a week and half ago but haven’t heard anything either way :confused:



thank you everyone


How long did it take you to hear back from them?


has deadline for finance passed? i cannot find it on application form?


Dont think so, if you can apply then it hasnt passed! got an assessment centre coming up! read some very interesting advice from a forum! this is basically what the guy said:

I had one less than a year ago for finance position.
I was also supposed to have one in 2 weeks but i already found better work.

Anyhow…they brought in this psychologist [i kid you not] who gave us the HARDEST mathematics test i have EVER had…in fact i am convinced to not a single attendee passed the test…i will only reveal as much as this. it involved rate cards and a lot of puzzles.
We then had a one to one presentation, about 5 minutes then a group discussion exercise where we pretended to be openin a new station in central london for the olympics…we had to discuss the possible complaints from locals yet consider the polution levels etc and the budget…

Take my advice…you should be SELFISH…i and another person fell VICTIMS of the BIG-GOBS!
they dominated the discussion or should i say their LECTURE, and always “complimented then suggested” something after anyone said anything “thats a great idea mr X, however wouldnt it be better if…” and thats how they got to alienate the rest of us and get the job…there were also about 6 assessors and they sat in dfifferent areas of the room around us, each assessor had to concentrate on one candidate [i SWEAR this is TRUE] and that only added to the pressure, do you want advice?

  1. Forge an alliance with a BIG-GOB as soon as you get there, that way if you end up in the same group, the two of you or your little crew can compliment each other and cut the rest of [not fair, but thats life]

  2. Leave your sence of shame at home for the day, its about who can talk the most, crack the most jokes and shamlessly lick as many boots as possible, dont matter what you say, just as long as you KEEP SAYING IT.

  3. Dont worry about being honest and fair, beleive me, the same people who are friendly to you at the start will turn against you if they see that your their ticket into the job…they see a shy person, it makes them look better if the two of them happen to be in the same group.

Finally, for about 5 hours of performance you can either end up with a grad job or unemployed, its your choice, but remember “ME,MYSELF and I”…

I didnt get the job because i didnt want to be FAKE or UNFAIR to the others, but when i came out of there, my whole game play changed…bigger fish will carry on feeding on the sardines, thats just the way it is…so on my next assessment day i implemented my plan and got the job 2 weeks later, better job, bigger pay and told TFL where to stick it [yes, i did apply again, got to the final stage again and told them i wasnt interested…“satisfaction guaranteed”]

Good luck!


Your perfectly right, you know this interviews meant to show the interviews your kindness, your thoughts and confidence but BULLLSHIT you meant to show ignorance, selfishness, and dominate…where is the TEAM WORK… up their … lol or what about where is respecting opinions and taking it under consideration lol… so who did you get the job with now… by the way thanx for the advise,immensely appreciated.


sorry the above post was by someone else who went for the same scheme. im going to an assessment centre in a week or so! ill let you know how it all went! ill probably record the whole thing! should be interesting.


Guys, i need your help one more time! im due to go to a gruesome assessment centre with TFL next week and im 1 step away! i have to give a presentation on the following topic:

The development of a budget for the utilisation of a £500 million increase in Transport for London’s government grant

I am confident in delivering the presentation and i have heard they dont put too much emphasis on the content but delivery but i want quality content!

My question is, when developing a budget, what priority tasks or key risks does the finance department face when faced with such a task?



tfl assessment centre is exactly as described in the wiki. depending on the scheme, there might be a numerical test.otherwise, prepare some good answers and you should be fine! the only research you have to do is on the presentation case study you do!


fcuk19 may i ask your name, and dont take this wrongly are you white or black or asian ? we might have met?


Yea name is Leonard, i was the only black guy at the assessment centre!