TfL CSA Interview



Just like everyone else i was very nervous about the dreaded role play interview.During the weeks approaching my appointment i watched loads of youtube videos about body language especially hand gestures and also scanned through the episodes of the tube tv series. I also wrote down any experiences i could remember over the past years about customer situations i had encountered and how i handled them. I find it helps to store these things in your memory when you write them down.
If you pass the role play then they will take you for an interview which lasts around 35 minutes, this is the easy part. Let your persona shine and if you have prepared as you should you will hopefully be prompt to answer questions about customer scenarios good or bad that you have experienced previously in your working life, and answer questions like why do you want this job, what do you think this job involves, why do you think youll be good at this job, why do you wish to leave your existing job.and so on.
As they change role play scenarios all the time theres no point in divulging my scenario as i guarantee yours will be different. ( ok, my scenario was a lady sleeping on the platform, she had no intention to travel, just wanted to stay in the station all night and refused to budge) They simply create scenarios you will encounter almost every day in your role as a CSA so just be friendly ,listen carefully to your customer and be compassionate but firm. I.e. if someone refuses to take their feet off the seats or refuses to stop smoking be polite and understanding but do not take no as an answer.
The examiners are very nice and create a relaxed ambient atmosphere, they know you are nervous but If you are right for the job they will see it. Good luck guys.


Did you get the job offer over a phone call? I had my interview with TfL last week and the hiring manager told me at the end of the interview he will call me the following day… Still no phone call or email after 1 week… Is that unsuccessful?


It’s four years since I applied for the role, things change within TfL. I’ve now moved on too.


Hi everyone, whats the process like for getting the CSA role now if anyone knows?