TfL CSA Interview



hi ,pls in 4 days I will attend the assessment for csa, pls can you tell me about the play role pls… what example you have got and how you passed it? thank yiu In advance


hi ,pls in 4 days I will attend the assessment for csa, pls can you tell me about the play role pls… what example you have got and how you passed it? thank yiu In advance


Hi There nojitters, Many Thanks for the info, it is all incredibly informative and very helpful. Was just wondering how you’re getting on as a CSA or have you now moved to a different role? Many Thanks londanar


Thank you .
For the information


What example exactly they gave u in the role play and in regards to data interpretation, what kind of question they asked you ? thx


When do you go in for your assessment? I’ll be going tomorrow, this article actually has helped me at ease a little! I haven’t slept since Saturday and I’m feeling it now haha. Good luck with your application!


How did it go? Mine is tomorrow and I’m very anxiously worried about it, I’ve never wanted something so much!


How many questions do they ask you roughly in the interview?


I have my role play on Oct 16th 2017.

Last week I had my assessment and I didn’t have time to finish the English and Travel card tests. I completed around 80% of each test but I still passed. I took my time and I made sure I got my answers correct and not rush it to complete the test and still fail.


I have my role play on 11th of October 2017.


Mine was booked for 16th Oct and I couldn’t wait so I moved it forward to 4th Oct lol

I’m so impatient I know.


Hi , this thread has been very helpful, thanks
I had my interview for CSA on Monday , does anyone knows what’s the response time if successful,?
And what’s the response time if unsuccessful?


it should be the same for both, they state 10 workings days (14 days) for a response time.


4 main based on the competencies they are looking for, but those would have follow up or even guidance ones depending on your answers.


Thanks Steven


Hi, if you dont mind, can you please tell me what was your role play scenario and also what questions they asked? Ill be super grateful if you can get back to me as soon as possible


They do change the role play each time so we all don’t get the same. I had a person who had an invalid ticket while I know someone who had a Customer use a vape and then put her feet on the seat.

The rules are given to you before the role play so read this carefully.

The interview could be different for each person depending on your experience. First you give a 5 year history about what you have been doing.

Then say why it’s important to follow company procedure and teamwork examples and examples when you reached a target, goals, How you started, went about it and final result. Again yours could be different so don’t take what I say as what will come up but be prepared.


Did anyone get the job?


Unfortunately I didn’t get the job but I was told to try again. I’m quite surprised because I thought I actually did quite well in the TFL role play but I failed.

Also I had 5 role plays for a Prison Officer role and I passed all 5 with B+ grades and got the job. Much higher pay too. I will go ahead with the prison officer role and if I don’t like the job I will try TFL csa again.

How was it for everyone else?


Salam Brother,

Really sorry to hear that, InshaAllah next time, I have fortunately passed and they have accepted me, I have submitted the medical questionnaire etc, just waiting for them to get back to me. Hope the prison Officer role works out well for you. Thank you for everything. Salam