TfL CSA Interview



Hey I have assessment on Monday can any one update me
I am bit weak in grammar and punctuation when nervous
Please any one guide me


Hi…Thank you for creating this thread. It is the best post for TfL CSA. I applied for part time evening vacancy. I cleared all the assessment and my medical is on Friday. I haven’t got the training dates yet but they said they will inform me when they have any availability. I just want to know is the 4 weeks training paid ? If yes, how an overseas student will get paid for full time training as I can only work 20 hrs a week. I have emailed them but waiting for the reply. I thought I should ask if anyone is having a same confusion. Thank you.


What does the drug test involve? Is it peeing in a cup or do they take hair samples?


What does the drug test involve? Is it peeing in a cup or do they take hair samples?


Peeing in a cup and answering a questionnaire.


Jb_2 When is your medical with TfL?


Have you been given a start date?


Haven’t been on here for a while but I will answer this old question for visibility. If anybody posts any of the role plays or questions on this forum they will be changed immediately - the recruiter for tfl has expressed her frustration several times when members have broken this rule. I cannot offer any up to date information regarding this anyway, but if you are curious please PRIVATELY MESSAGE members for that information. I know several people that have made it to the interview stage and subsequently been turned down for the job - don’t rest on your laurels and think it’s in the bag just because you make it to the final stage. Yes they do ask for references from previous employers. In the medical you have a general check up for your reflexes, sight and hearing (listening to beeps with headphones). There is then a drug and alcohol tests which is little more than peeing in a cup. When I joined the training lasted for 4 week in total - two weeks in Ashfield and then two weeks familiarising at my location and shadowing existing staff. Breaks during training are not permitted unless there is an extraordinary circumstance as the jobs are very in demand :slight_smile:


There isn’t any advice to offer here but PRACTISE. I’m sure there are some fault finding exercises on the internet you can use before your interview to practise your grammar and spelling.


It’s been over 6 months since I clear the assessment but haven’t got the starting date yet. Did you get the training date?


As far as I know, training for Night Tube train operators is taking precedence over CSA training and recruitment at the moment.


Off topic but how long did you guys wait to hear back after you attended the assessment centre? It’s nearly been a week for me and the wait is killing me lol


How long did you have to wait after the assessment centre to hear if you got the job? And was it by email or phone?


If you get the job it’s generally by phone. If you’re unsuccessful, then an email.


Oh that helps thank you. Do you know how long they take?


Mine was about a week but it depends on the specific recruitment policy.


Today is the 5th working day. My assessment was on 12th May. Getting so nervous now lol never wanted a job so much!


My assessment was on a Thursday and I think it was Friday the following week I got the good news. You gone for CSA1or 2?


dear can you please tell me how long they tke?? coz they said we ll reply you in 10 working day… we are still waiting for answer??


hi ,pls in 4 days I will attend the assessment for csa, pls can you tell me about the play role pls… what example you have got and how you passed it? thank yiu In advance