TfL CSA Interview



Billyboy have you called the recruitment line? They might have missed something, it sounds like an error on their part!


Thanks for the post. It is really helpfull post and help lot of peoples. Nice informative post.


You’re most welcome! If anybody else keeping up to date on this forum is also going through the process - please post your experience here and help other potential TfLers!

Also D&A test wise - completely true that you won’t hear anything back unless there’s a problem (dilute sample/fail) and also as a side note, the night before my test I had a few glasses of wine (a friend’s birthday) and I still passed so there’s no need to abstain weeks before. Having a drink isn’t actually illegal so they cannot do anything unless you turn up steaming for your medical haha!

I start at the end of Feb but was offered Mid-Jan onwards so anyone that has done their medical etc. give the recruitment line a call (0800 011 2504)


Nojitters congrats, what date was your assessment? So I can see roughly how far behind you on the list I am… pm if you want…(I did you but maybe you havent seen it)


Did my medical last week and got call yesterday saying it was all good, booked in contract signing for end of jan and start 4 week training a week later, looking forward to it, hopefully get to meet some of you new peeps!


hmmmm I had my interview at the beginning of October and medical at the end of last month. I am not in a hurry to start (but don’t really want to have to do medical again ;-)). You reckon I should ring them or hang on - I think if they were waiting for something they would let me know??


Thanks Rpatel…I am sure you will be fine.

Mia-Martin just give them a call and ask for an update they are always happy to answer questions.


Thanks Aldino…think I will wait until the end of this week and ring them. I was originally told it would be around July 2014 but seems a few people have had their dates moved forward so don’t want them to forget me :-).


Thanks Aldino…think I will wait until the end of this week and ring them. I was originally told it would be around July 2014 but seems a few people have had their dates moved forward so don’t want them to forget me :-).


I’m starting in a month! Excited and chuffed because training in only Monday to Friday haha :slight_smile:


Hello, I have a few questions and any help will be greatly appreciated.

  1. I have my medical in a week and I want to know how long the training for the CSA role lasts for.
  2. Does anyone know how flexible TfL is concerning people in education.


Hello Aries4,

  1. It lasts a total of 4 weeks.

  2. That depends, did you bring up any of your flexibility requirements during the recruitment process? If not then I don’t think they will be too flexible, as they set out the rota for the whole year in advance.

Had my contract signing and uniform fitting today, start training next week!


Thank you Aldino2013 and RP100 and congratulations to you too. I mentioned it in the interview so it shouldn’t be a problem then.

How long did your whole process take? I applied in August, wondering how long I will have to wait after the medicals to get to the contract stage.


RP100 unfortunately not - you get it on your first day of training.

Aries4 I applied in August too and had assessment start of October. Depends when your assessment was and whether they have any more available positions right now. No harm in calling them and asking!


I also applied in August and had interview 2nd week of October. Will be starting in a few weeks. They originally told me it may not be until July, so you never know.

Aldino, when you say they set the rota for a whole year - does that mean you don’t get any choice as to when you want to take annual leave or do you know if there is some flexibility there?


Mia-Martin, your annual leave is allocated to you in blocks, eg. you get 2 weeks around Easter time, 3 weeks in Summer etc. You are able to swap this with other people. If you have any pre-booked holidays within the first year of joining then this will be honoured (you may need to provide proof).

I am still in training so I won’t know all the details until I actually start at a station and actually talk to the person who deals with the rota/leave etc but from what I gather there is some flexibility yes :slight_smile:


Yes…they mentioned that when I did my contract signing so its good to know in case anything comes up!

Hope the training is going well.


Can anyone else confirm whether or not the annual leave is now 7.5 weeks instead of 10? I saw it on my contract but it also had something about working 37.5 hours a week instead of the 35 and using the 2.5 hours as bank lieu time?
I hope it’s going well for everyone, I only recently signed my contract despite launching this thread and I’m bloody nervous! I hate starting new jobs!


As RP100 said its 52 days total, 37 days (7.4 weeks) annual leave and the other 15 days from your ‘banked rest days’ ie. working 37.5 hours but only getting paid for 35.

The trainers are great, no need to be nervous. Hardest part is getting used to the shoes, OUCH!


And for those that have started, even a few months back… what were you allocated as? Rostered, reserve or SRT?