Tesco Retail Management Graduate scheme


I have a telephone interview on Fri 6 Feb for the Tesco Retail Management Graduate scheme. Does anyone know what sort of questions they will be asking ?

Also has anyone got any advice on a good answer when asked to ‘describe a time when you have demonstrated leadership skills’ - I always find that a tough one!

Thank you


See [[Leadership]] and [[competency based interview]] to get more on that type of interview question!


I have a telephone interview for Tesco Store Graduate Programme in January.
Can anyone help me on what type of questions i should expect?


Well i had a telephone interview for the Finance program, and the interviewer went through my CV asking questions on anything that interested her, then started asking knowledge questions, such as What do you know about Tesco, What issues face Tesco at the moment, How will Tesco go about dealing with these issues, Why the program specifically, Why Retail industry, What do you offer Tesco etc. The Tesco page here on wikijob is actually really handy. I cant remember if there was any competency based questions or not - if there was then there was only a couple.

Hope this helps!



That’s great! Is this the final round of the interview process or is there another stage/s?