Tesco Product Technology phone interview



I am having a phone interview with Tesco on Product Technology industrial placement next week. This is my first time having phone interview! I just want to ask if anyone know what kind of questions would be asking. Is it very different from face-to-face interview? Any tips or skills to help?
Any help would be most appreciated!


I had my phone interview last week.

The interviewer was very pleasant and it felt like more of a chat than a formal process, which was very comforting, compared to previous phone interviews.

Mine was for the finance scheme however the questions were mostly not directly involved with the finance side of things.

Questions I was asked where;
Tell me a bit about yourself.
Why do you want to join Tesco?
Why do you think you would fit in at Tesco?
Who are Tesco’s main competitors?
What other retailers do you respect and why?
What are the current issues that Tesco face today?
Tell me a time when you turned a negative situation into a positive.
Tell me a time when you worked successfully as part of a team, how did you contribute to the team.
Tell me a time when you exceeded expectations.


Thanks a lot for the comments. They really help! And good luck for your placement.