Tesco First Telephone Interview



I have a telephone interview with Tesco for its Corporate Marketing Graduate Programme and I was wondering if anyone has an idea on what questions I should expect.



  1. tell me something you are proud of
  2. persuassion
  3. team working
  4. tell me a time when you didn’t achieve your goals
    5)a time when you solved a difficult problem
    6)what is the structure of the corporate marketing department at tesco
  5. according to this structure where would you like to work?
  6. what do you think are the day to day responsibilities
    9)a time where you had to adopt to change
  7. a problem that you solved
    these are what I remember
    verbal and numerical test:
    the verbal was ok
    the math was hard…we didn’t do it online but instead on paper…at the beginning I thought that this would be better but it wasn’t cause the tables that we had to look for each question were not given with the question…we had to look among 10 tables each time for each question to find which table applies to each question…and we lost time…we had 1 min for each question…I am very good at maths and I don’t find the questions difficult at all but the time was in my opinion too limited…get prepared…I hope I helped everybody!!!

These questions were not for the telephone interview but for the dace to face interview which took place at Tesco’s headquarters


I have a telephone interview what sort of questions come up?



I recently had a telephone interview for the a grad role. Passed it and got to attend a face to face soon.

I assume you’ve had your interview? What role and how was it?


I recently had one too. HR has been trying to call me but i missed the call…if they are phoneing is this a good sign? did u have to sit tests before ftf ?


If they’re phoning, it definately is a good sign! Didn’t they leave you a message to get in touch with them?

I was rejected at the face-to-face interview stage, utterly disappointing. They explain all the positivies of the job, salary, what you will be doing [before the interview[. Then to be rejected afterwards is annoying.


aye they left a message but we keep missing each other. its just she said at end of telephone interview that she would phone me to give feedback either way! so am just dieing to know ! hopefully i make it to selection day. did u have to sit online tests before being invited to that ! i know yer pain selection days are annoying! you get all excited and then :frowning:


Yeah, application, then tests, then tele interview, followed by the face to face :frowning:

Suppose it spares me the pain of possibly being rejected from their AC.
What role are you applying to? Tesco is quite a decent company to work for at graduate level if (!) you can get in.


hi what type of questions did they ask


Why Tesco?
Why your chosen role?
Who are our competitors?
What is retail?
And some general competencies regarding team work, customer focus, communication.

It isn’t too demanding.


@ flearoy17: generally (in my experience) if they have a good news for you, they tell you that even in the voice msg. and try to send you a love letter (rejection) by email.

anyone did 10 min SWOT presentation in ftf interview? what kind of questions they ask for Merchandising?


Had a telephone interview yesterday for the Tesco Graduate Store Manager Programme. The questions were:

Tell me about the town where you live? (Yes really!)
Why do you want to work in retail?
Why do you want to work for Tesco?
Why are you suitable for the job?
If successful do you have a preference for location?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years time and 10 years time?
Who are Tesco’s competitors?
What salary do you expect?
What do you think a manager’s job involves?
What do you think an average day involves?
What skills does a manager need?
How do you think you will develop the relevant skills needed to be a manager?
How would you deal with a difficult customer?
Tell me about a time you have helped a customer?
What skills were important in that task?

Hope that helps!


I’ve got a telephone interview coming up. I’ve applied for corporate affairs. Can anyone cast any light on what sort of questions I can expect… Thanks.


Hi, how did your telephone interview go? I’ve got one coming up too. What kind of questions did they ask? Did you make it to a face to face interview?




It’s really not that hard:
Why do you want to work for Tesco? Name five things you think Tesco have done successfully. What do you understand about Tesco’s values and strategy? What do you think this job involves? What skills do you think a manager needs? Where do you see yourself in the future? What is your expected salary in this job?
That’s all I can remember, mine only lasted about 25 minutes.


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