Tesco Finance Graduate Scheme / Programme 2012


Hi, I applied for the finance graduate scheme at Tesco last month. I just got word back from Tesco informing me I had passed the telephone interview and been invited to an assessment centre in March.

I have read quite a bit on the assessment centres and there have been different things I have read about group exercises/interviews/tests. In my e-mail I was told the only assessed part of my day would be a 45 minute interview with a finance director comprising of competency/non-competency questions. I would imagine there is bound to be something else they will assess me on throughout the day and I am wondering if anyone has any specific, or general, tips for me for the assessment centre.

Also wondering if anyone else is attending the same day and anyones experiences of the assessment centre.



Hey, I have my telephone interview in a few days and I’m really nervous about it, any chance you could give me an idea on the questions asked?

Thanks x


In one of the other forums I posted some of the questions they asked me, I think its the technology one, link should be on the right hand side of our comments. Best of luck in your interview let me know how you get on, if successful you will probably go to same assessment day as me!


Appearance at interviews matter with these large organisations not just the group exercises/interviews/tests.

Preference is given to leaders who are willing to relocate nationally and internationally.


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