Tesco Bank General Leadership Graduate Programme 2016



I’ve just been through the assessment centre of Tesco Bank for their General Leadership graduate scheme. It wasn’t the best experience relative to other graduate assessment centres namely due to the poor organisation of the day’s exercises. It overran by more than an hour and when we were eventually given lunch the choice for vegetarians was poor and there was no separation between meat and veg sandwiches. They were more interested in having their self-reflection booklets completed than making sure the day ran smoothly.

Furthermore, when I was due to present to one of the assessors I was taken 10 minutes after everyone else had already completed their presentation. A complete shambles of a process. The saving grace was the assessors did a nice job of making you feel relaxed during the exercises however that may only be an attempt to compensate for all the other disasters throughout the day.


Wow that sounds horrible, I recently attended the assessment centre for audit and found it to be a very pleasant experience.