Tesco assessment centre


Hi All

I have an assessment centre coming up soon for the Tesco property graduate scheme. Has anyone been to this or know what is involved as they have not told me anything??




Is it for Space, Range and Merchandising next week? If it is I think we’ll be sent information in an e-mail!

I’m nervous as I have no idea what to expect!


Hi Isoo23. Thanks for your message!

Yes thats the one. I was a bit confused because I did not know if I would have to prepare something. I am just off the phone to my pal who done the store AC and he said you can’t really prepare just know you’re stuff about the company for the interview (i guess we will do an interview) but I already work there so i ‘should’ be alright lol. If anything I suppose it will be a good experience.

I am heading down on the monday and staying in the hotel cause i’m coming from Scotland. What your plans?

I’m Paul by the way.



Hey, I’m Lisa

I’m not sure how different our AC will be? Did you do an online application or did you send a CV and covering letter? I live nearby so will drive on the day.

I guess lets wait for the e-mail about what we need to prepare!


Hi guys, i’m Alice

I’m also coming down from Scotland on Monday night for the SR&M assessment centre, I have no idea what to expect!

I e-mailled the woman who sent the invitation on Tuesday about if we had to prepare anything but she hasn’t got back to me yet!

How many people do you think will be there?


I think it will be a few group exercises and interview but that’s me just guessing. Hope they send the e-mail tomorrow. If not I will phone tomorrow and let you know what they say through this. I just did the online application.

Thats handy, i would drive down but its cheaper to fly plus I dont trust my car on the motorway aha!

You finishing up at uni then?


Hi Alice. By the looks of it we are all in the same boat so I wouldn’t worry. no idea how many people will be there.

Where in Scotland you coming from? I’m flying from glasgow.


Yeah, seems so! Yeah flying from Glasgow too, probably on the same flight! haha.

I doubt there will be that many people if it’s only for 3 hours, but who knows! And yeah, I agree, I reckon it’ll be group exercises and then an interview…but again, that’s just a guess!


Yeh probably lol - I’m on the 4.25pm on Monday and booked the return for 2.15pm on the Tuesday with Easyjet (London Luton Airport). If it turns out you are on any of them we can share a taxi to the hotel or airport.


Aw, I’m on an earlier one on Monday and later one on Tuesday! That’s annoying! I have so much uni work to do so I’ll have to find a place to sit and be studious I think, use my time wisely!


Yeh same, dissertations eh lol.

post info on here if you find anything else out and i’l do the same.

good luck with your work and see you Tuesday !



Yeh same, dissertations eh lol.

post info on here if you find anything else out and i’l do the same.

good luck with your work and see you Tuesday !



Thanks, you too! See you Tuesday, and you too Lisa!



Mine is in the afternoon on Tuesday?? Are you guys in the morning?? Hopefully we’ll have some more info tomorrow afternoon.

Looking forward to meeting you guys!


Yeh I’m 9-12 - they must have 2 groups then.

I know. I’m going to phone anyway and find out tomoz.


Did you guys get the e-mail?


not got an e-mail yet, no lisa! :frowning: did you get one?


Yes just got one. It’s for the afternoon slot though. So if you’re the morning slot it will probably be a different e-mail!


I got the email there too. Alice u got it as well I saw your name on the attachment.

Still not giving much away are they lol - group exercises and 1:1 interview then.

He sent the email to 14 people so there must be around 28 people on the day; about 4 jobs I think for this role not sure though but there are 30 jobs in property and 7 different schemes.


Oh dear god… just reading all this panics me very very much… I have my assessment center on 7th April for the Buying Programme… think itl maybe be structured differently to the one you guys are chatting about. Good luck anyway!