Terra Firma First Round Interview


Hey I have an interview for Terra Firma Capital Partners First Round Interview with Cornell Partnership next Tuesday 14th of December. I’m quite worried about the technical questions and wondering how knowledgeable one must be for the technical questions. I know basic LBO but nothing more and I have a quite good grasp on financial analysis (i.e.: WACC, DCF, CAPM, and etc).


Hi there, only just seen this, how did your interview go? are you through to the next round? I have it coming up and was wondering what kind of stuff youre swotting up on?


Hi, any idea what the compensation is like for the graduate program at terra firma?


They just state that it is ‘competitive’, but I expect it is quite good because of the nature of the industry. Are you thinking of applying?


@ F8178

Yeah my interview went well. Mine was different since I had interview with Cornell Partnership before for Jefferies and Company. I got a confirmation call today stating that I gotten through to the next stage which was an SHL test at the Terra Firma office. They interviewed about a total of 120/1000 applicants for the interview with cornell and out of the 120 picked about 50 to go take the test at Terra Firma. From there its going to be narrowed down to about 12 for the AC where about 6 will get an offer.


Yeah I just did the tests a couple of days ago, I think they went quite well but the personality test was quite tough! How did yours go? Fingers crossed for the AC now- apparently we will find out around January 6th. What kind of other things have you been applying for?


Really I’m taking mine on the 7th of january, so just waiting for the email from Cornell Partnership~


anyone going today to Terra Firma to take the test??


How did it go?


I think the math one went very well the reading one went ok as well.


anyone heard back yet re ac?


Holly Thompson who was the HR managing the Terra Firma said that they would look over the test today and make a decision by mid to late this week since AC is on either 18th or 19th of January. But she said we will hear back regardless of the decision.

PS: 50 people were chosen for the SHL testing (49 cause 1 person in my time slot didnt show up) and out of those 50 candidates 12 individuals will be chosen to attend the AC.

The candidates attending AC will be judged on 3 criteria (SHL, Personality, and CV).

So hopefully I will see you at AC!!


when you write personality, do you mean the shl personality test or how they judge your personality at interview?
any news yet??


It was the personality test I think. I got a call yesterday and I am through to the AC next week. Have you heard?


oooo congratz on the AC invite I havent gotten a call yet so I think I might have gotten rejected :frowning:


No news is good news! Do you have other applications on the go/ offers?


hopefully I will get a call either today or tomorrow!!!


rejected just called cornell partnership


Anyone applying for 2014 intakes at TF?? Anyone heard back from D.partners regarding interviews?