Tenon's first interview?


Hi guys!

Has anyone here been to Tenon’s first interview? What was your experience?

I have one next with the audit manager and supervisor being present.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


Hi Aqua,

I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I also applied to Tenon and was given the opportunity to sit the online tests. However, its been a month and they still haven’t got back to me regarding the results. How long did it take for them to reply to you and offer a first interview? Does it mean I’ve not passed?

I’m a bit frustrated at the moment! Your help is much appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:


HI Tasha!

Tenon are quite slow! When i submitted my application form, i never heard anything from them and a month had passed. So i phoned them and that got the ball rolling, and she said she would look at my application that day and decide if i was through to the next stage or not.

My advice to you would be to phone them, because they can actually tell you your result on the phone, and then maybe you could ask when you’ll find out if you’re through to the next stage. I’m sure when they hear you’ve been waiting a month, they’ll hurry up.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hi Aqua!

That’s great advice thank you! I have already emailed them but haven’t heard anything so I think phoning them would be a better idea nows. Do you know if Tenon have a pass rate or not? It said in the email that it would make up part of the application but I’m convinced I done realli bad in the numerical test :s



I’ve tried emailing firms and they hardly get back to you, and if they do it’s a very delayed response- no good!

Phone is the best bet, because they’ll tell you there and then.

She said they don’t have a pass rate (but i’m reluctant to believe that, otherwise they’d be letting a lot of people through to next stage, and the application form only involved around 3 competency Q’s… ) and they consider the results and applications together.

Phone them now and ask what you got in the tests! At least you’ll knw for sure then what your chances are!

Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:


I worked at Tenon for my placement at a London office, Baker Street…Aqua786 are you interviewing at this office? If so I maybe able to help you…


Hi Squita!

I’ve sent u a PM, hope you get it! :slight_smile:


hi all…

all i have a telephone interview coming up… can anyone tell me what comes up what questions they ask and what advice can anyone give?



Hi everyone,

Did anyone get invited to a second interview with Tenon, and if so, how did it go? Was it a straight interview, or were there tests/meeting graduates etc involved? Any experiences or tips would be great!



Hi Squita,

I have my first interview next week at the Sunderland Branch for audit/assurance. Tenon’s website cited that its Audit firm is Tenon Group PLC is a separate company ‘at arms-length’. Would it be possible to fill me in on some details- how ‘separate’ are they, and services this separate audit company provides.

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Christinatan_sh
Don’t know too much about the Audit side of Tenon but I would say that the two are very similar and there is little difference between the two…with regards to the services the audit side provides would be the box standard auditing services any auditor would provide. Just remember that Tenon are advisors to entrepreneurs and SMEs and therefore in such an economic climate Tenon would be looking to help these firms to reduce costs where ever possible.

I found the culture of Tenon to be quite relaxed. So during the interview they will want to obviously test your competencies but also want to get to know you and see the social/ personal side of you!

try www.accountancyage.com for more info on Tenon and the accountancy industry

Hope this helps!


Many thanks for the fast response Squita!

The Tenon representatives were very friendly at the Yorkshire Careers Fair and certainly seems like a special and dynamic place to start a career! Just one more quick question- does the first interview involve a general chat regarding general questions of my background, etc?


hi all,

i have a numerical reasoning and verbal test for tenon coming up in the next week and wanted to get any tips on where to practise it form… ive heard its strictly PSL… just wanted to know if you have already given it and is there something specific you that i should prepare and looking out for… quick replies would be greatly appreciated… cheers!!



hi everyone,

I have recently been successful in getting a job with Tenon, i found information on this forum really useful so thought I’d update everyone on my experience of the first and second interviews.

The first day consisted of about 12 of us and firstly we had to do some logic tests… i don’t think you can do much to prepare for these. they consisted of spatial awareness tests and quick responses to reasoning questions. there was about 5 different tests with about 4 mins for each one. these were a surprise to me on the day so I had no prep so it just depends upon being quick and accurate with your answers.

After been split into 3 groups we did different tasks throughout the day. I had my interview first which was with an audit line manager, the interview consisted of competency questions and there was a large emphasis placed upon teamwork, ‘tell me about a time you worked in a team’, ‘do you like to take control in teamwork situations’ etc etc, they also asked about why i wanted to join Tenon over other firms (Big 4). My interviewer looked over my application form during the interview and asked me questions about what i had written so make sure you haven’t exaggerated anything too much and can talk extensively about anything you might have written down!

After that my group had a tour of the office and met everyone working there- it was a good opportunity to talk to this years graduates and also people higher up in the company about their motives in staying with/joining Tenon and the work that they do. Everyone was really friendly and there was a nice, relaxed atmosphere in the office.

After lunch my group then had a written exercise, this consisted of writing an advertisement for my university and why it should appeal to international students. i think this was testing your creative ability and being able to come up with something original to say. you didn’t have to be truthful so could write pretty much anything as long as it was sensible!

i found the outcome about 1 week later and arranged the second interview with the director of business services. This interview was quite short- about 30 mins long. Again it was quite informal but there were a few questions asked which tested my commercial awareness and there was some questions about how the credit crunch would effect our customers audits etc. doing a geography degree i pretty much had to blag that question so as long as you have a basic understanding of what’s going on and why you should be ok. There was one question that I found a little odd, ‘how do you think our clients respond to our marketing scheme?’ or something like that… in which I just spoke about the website being very different to other companies and could emphasise the creativity and flair that you desire in employees etc… Again there were the usual questions about why Tenon? So do you research about the company and the differences of working for a mid tier co. rather then one of the big 4.

I then found out the outcome about a week later again, on the day I handed in my dissertation- so good day!!!

Hope this helps anyone who is thinking about applying for Tenon :slight_smile:



hey guys,

Have a first interview with Tenon at the London office.

any advice and hints would be much appreciated!!



Is the Tenon site showing graduate vacancies for anyone?
Still says they will open in the Autumn with me?


@ samuelt are you applying for the london chiltern street one?

ive got to book the interview too, anyone have any tips or experiences?


Does anyone know if Tenon are recruiting for their London offices for 2010?? On the current vacancies list they dont seem to be appearing, have they already been filled or are they yet to open? http://careers.tenongroup.com/grad/vacancies.aspx


I emailed them to ask about that and they replied saying “Recruitment for all London positions will commence in early 2010.”


Oh thanks, i might do the same and see what they say :slight_smile: