Tenon Online tests


Hi guys,

I have just received an invitation to sit Tenon numerical and verbal tests. Has anyone sat them before and are they of a similar standard to practice ones? Are they SHL?

Sorry for all the questions but its my first online tests so I’m really scared!

Thanks in advance!

tasha x


Hey when’s your test? I’m not sure about [[Tenon]] but I imagine they’re pretty similar to most of the others- they tend to be quite similar for most [[accounting]] firms.


Hi thanks for the reply. I’m going to sit it tonight and I’ve practised a few tests already so fingers crossed!


hey tasha…how did your test go on, by the way???


hi googly!

I jus sat them a few minutes ago. The verbal was okay, I managed to finish that within the given time but I think I failed the numerical one. I’m just genuinely bad at data interpretation and I think all the financial jargon really threw me off on alot of questions. Oh wellz, there’s always first times at everything! :stuck_out_tongue:


nai worry Tasha…Practice as much as you can…It makes you pretty perfect…Once you get a hang of it, you can play ping pong with it…Get going…good luck :slight_smile:


hey tasha, i know its been some time since you sat your test, but what do you mean financial jargon? what kind of words did the test involve?ty !