Tenon online test



Has anyone sat Tenon’s online test recently? And did you get through to the interview?

I sat them a few days ago, and i phoned them and they gave me my results in percentiles…
Does anyone know what kinda percentile you should be getting to go through to the next stage?



I’ve applied and hoping to get invited to the online tests sometime this week

usually the case is to not be in the bottom 40 percentile…Were the tests shl or psl?


Hey! That was quick!

My experience with Tenon wasn’t that good. I submitted my application nearly a month ago, and i never received any word from them. Therefore, i phoned them and that got the ball rolling…!

Erm i’m sure they were psl… how can u tell btw?

Is SHL more difficult than PSL? Or are they pretty much the same?

But yeah the woman on the phone said they don’t really have a pass rate they consider both your online results and application form together… so she said!