Tenon and other mid tier firm salaries


Hi guys, just wondering if anybody could tell me what to expect in terms of salary from Tenon in a regional office. Received an offer but yet to receive paperwork and contract so curious.

Also, what do other mid tier(top10) firms pay in comparison in their regional offices.

If anybody works for Tenon I would also appreciate their views on the firm and what they are like to work for. I was given an excellent impression of them at the interviews but would be interesting to see an employee’s perspective.

Thanks in advance


Thanks for that what-a-banker. Gives me some indication of what to expect give or take a little. The question I asked seems to come up quiet regularly in the forum so may be useful for others too!


I received the contract and the offer is for £17.5k in a regional office, in case anybody is curious.

Also I have read in the forums that PKF offer £18k in their regional offices.


PKF offered me £16250 for a regional office


There’s a guy talking about working for mid tier firms on accountancy age



The blog is really good! The article where he explained why he decided to be an accountant.


what about salary in London?


@elloello Hi. What role / business area were you offered £12,000 for from RSM?