Temporary address on CV?



I am currently applying to jobs in England (and I live up North) but have noticed that alot of the time employers are put off by the fact that I live too far away. I am willing to relocate and have secured accommodation with a relative but for the time-being I will be staying at my permanent home address until I am offered interviews.

Is it okay to put down my relative’s home address on my CV instead of my permanent address? :s


I don’t understand why it should be a problem anyway. Lots of people apply for jobs elsewhere and don;t have any accommodation sorted out and get interviews. I don’t think employers will be discriminating against you because of where you live currently.


Hi Tasha
Using your North Of England address should not cause too much of a problem. I would however, emphasize that you know the area to which you are applying and mention that you are looking forward to returning to that region if appropriate, as there may be a risk communicates to the potential employer if later you do not like the area… It will be OK to use a local address as a contact address.
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Hi tasha

My personal opinion is that you should not use your relatives local address as they may send communication there which you may not get for a while as they will have to forward it on. Instead I would mention that you know the area and are willing to relocate this sounds positive and like you have thought the process through…



I have also had issues with companies preferring local candidates - I have been to interviews and told later that only local candidates were invited back to 2nd stage because they wouldn’t have to relocate!!

But yes having a different address might cause issues - best is to point out your reasons for relocation as others have mentioned