Temping at an Investment Bank


Hi! does anyone have any idea how get started temping at an Investment Bank? I’ve called some agencies about it; i know hays have a nice list of IBs as their clients. Usually they want someone with experience. Now i have experience being members of societies and organising events and some retail work from quite a while ago, but they don’t seem to recognise this as enough experience :frowning: anyone clue me in further or have i no hope?


Chris - wasn’t phil p temping at an IB a while ago?

noob - there’s nothing to stop you calling up the IB’s direct and simply telling them you are a grad and asking if they’re currently looking for any temps for any admin type positions - and if they are, where you should apply to. What lots of people don’t realise is that you can cut out the middle man completely and contact companies yourself, rather than going through a dodgy recruitment firm, and probably get better jobs (and certainly a better hour wage) as a consequence! …things do depend on what type of temp job you’re after though… would you take anything in any department?


i would take anything in any department just for experience. i want to apply for grad positions in the next few months and i think it might look good? but thanks, i’ll give them a call and see where it takes me.


All relevant experience looks good. Temping is temping (Goldman Sachs won’t hire you because you have 4 weeks experience of filing) but big names on your CV won’t do any harm… be as enthusiastic as you can be on the phone…!

Lets us know what happens.


What they are look for is genuine work experience in an office environment- you don’t have to temp in an [[investment bank]] to get this. Temping in any office is fine. Equally, [[investment bank]]s won’t hire you based upon your office experience - lots of people have office experience - they are hiring you based on your talent and potential.

Don’t get me wrong, experience in an [[investment bank]] will help bolster your application, but don’t sit at home when you could be working elsewhere. If you have a strong degree and a real interesting in IB you are already quite well prepared.

I suspect that doing temping at [[Goldman Sachs]] will not mean much when it comes the application stage for the same bank.


thanks for the help guys! i’ve phoned some banks about temping and they didn’t seem to think i could help much haha! i’ve applied to other jobs tho…fingers crossed!.


Good luck!