Telling a lie on your application


I graduated in 08 and have a gap on my CV from june - september 08.

Silly me thinks I can use a cover story of being abroad for 3 months (which my cousin did, not me). During that time I was unemployed but was very active playing a lot of cricket and football, here in England, I was not abroad. However I became paranoid that this would look bad, hence why I did it.

I’ve now come to realise this wasn’t a very good idea because I can’t prove being abroad and I don’t wish to lie any further.
During a background check this could be found out fairly easily I think, so what would the best course of action be? I plan on telling the HR staff the true story. Ive been truthful about everything else on my application (even failed university exams), retrospectively I don’t know why I made this story up, but I can’t change that now.

I don’t want to get a job and then face disciplinary action or even dismissal early on, it’s too hard a market for me to want to go through that.

Yes, very stupid, naive, I’m aware. But I’d appreciate some advice if possible. I realise there are worse things to fabricate but I don’t want this hanging over my head now.


Thanks for your reply, that’s settled my nerves somewhat.

My current part time job is cash in hand and very casual (ie off the books), but I’ve always stressed that in interviews and application forms so while there may be no actual record of me on a payroll, there’s not much more I can prove about that other than providing a reference from my boss.
I did wonder whether they’d find that acceptable but it’ll have to do, so apart from the ‘travelling’ thing I should be fine.

Have you undergone one of these background checks yourself?


Might sound a little obvious, but when you provide your passport as id or proof to work in the uk it wont have any stamps confirming your travels


littlelegs, how much info can the big actually get hold of?

For example can they confirm you actually held a position on a university club/society?

I was under the impression these back ground checks are merely references from previous employers who confirm position and dates of employment as well as confirming your education/grades…

Is that it? Or can they check other things???


yeah I would also like to know what they can find out

like what if you had a voluntary position and arranged it with someone in the firm so their are no formal HR records - will they then bring up a blank for that period?


^ That’s essentially my job at the moment but that’s just the way it is. I have 2 periods of employment at the same place like this, one was voluntary, now its cash in hand. If I have to dig out photos in newspapers showing when I won tennis tournaments there when I was younger (it is a leisure centre) to prove its not just a random place then so be it lol.


Do they ask them to provide a telephone reference or a written reference?

do they check as far back as school/college work experience? where you might have gone for a few weeks and the employer might not even remember the details?

How do they decide who to ask for a personal reference?


that’s 7 references in total!

considering people usually put down 2 references on a cv it seems quite excessive


littlelegs- are you sure you provide specific contact details for your references? Its the first time i have heard of this for a large firm, usually they get directly in touch with hr


Littlelegs is spot on about the reference checks, they do carry out checks with the help of Experian though. I was told just three weeks ago when a company took my details for…

It is sometimes an email reference from your previous employer or an internship provider. I heard about someone - “graduate” who said he had had an internship at xyz bank abroad and later the investment back sent him a form where he had to put name, address, phone number, email address and the position of a person who could provide a reference confirming that the graduate had had the internship with them.

What the graduate did was to just give the inv. bank the work email address of the referee who was his friend, actually. Apparently the investment bank then emailed a reference request form to the referee who then just confirmed the dates that the graduate had the internship with them. That’s it.

Truth is that, the graduate had not had that internship at that bank at all.

Sometimes, it is just an email reference, sometimes it is just as hardcore reference check as it is. I think it really depends on how the HR guys think about you at the time of the checks.

I am being checked as well. it is so daunting now. it is just a 4 month … programme and they are checking my details thoroughly.


Do you guys they can check overseas education results? But how can they? they will probably have difficulty in getting through the right person because of language barrier, or would they ask local representative of the company? big4 is in everywhere these days…


most countries can speak english but if not they could ask local big4 person or see if someone in uk speaks that language who can check


I think it is the local firm that makes it easy for the head office to verify the results of your studies in foreign country.


I am currently undergoing a background check for Barclays. They said if they cannot confirm your results you must submit proof.

Also as to the original question. I was asked to account for any gaps greater than 1 month where I was not in school or working for the past 3 years. Each of these gaps needed to be proven- ie visa stamps in your case.


a copy from an email the screening team recently sent me

"During the screening process, we will conduct credit and other background checks, along with enquiries to verify your employment and education background, and, where required by Barclays, your professional qualifications. In order to facilitate these checks, it may be necessary for some members of our Team to contact you for further information in the following circumstances:

If we are unable to confirm your education history directly from your school, college or university, we may contact you for proof of attendance or qualifications (for example, copies of certificates).
If we discover a career gap other than those declared on your application form, we will ask you to complete a Declaration of Fact (similar to that included in the application form) relating to this period of time. Upon commencing work with Barclays they will request evidence of your activity during these periods of non-employment."


“or qualifications (for example, copies of certificates)”

I though these are provided by employee anyway when signing contract.


[quote]Upon commencing work with Barclays they will request evidence of your activity during these periods of non-employment[/quote] from whom?

[quote]I was asked to account for any gaps greater than 1 month where I was not in school or working for the past 3 years. Each of these gaps needed to be proven- ie visa stamps in your case.[/quote] what if you just stayed at home for a few months after uni whilst looking for jobs? do you just get someone you know to verify it?


I’m sure you could just have your mum say that you were living at home looking for jobs.


I’m sure you could just have your mum say that you were living at home looking for jobs.


Regarding your education results from overseas - you will usually have to provide copies of ALL your results transcripts shortly after joining in order to validate your claims. There is no need for them to actually call your university or college!