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Hi all,

When filling out application forms for accounting graduate schemes, often I come across the questions relating to your personal achievements, hobbies and what not…

Now I’m thinking that the majority of people don’t put their honest hobbies in this section, they write stuff which makes them stand out and seem like cool suitable candidates. Personally, I wouldn’t write that I’m a cod4 champion or anything silly like that so I was wondering what type of believable stuff you guys have written in the past? Or is there anything you can think of that would seem like a good idea to write?

Many thanks in advance…


Why lie? No point. Just be truthful. Now if you feel there are areas where you are lacking… like team sports or work experience. Get out there now and join a local sports club (you could be on the bench for the 3rd XI local football team but that doesn’t matter). I’m sure there are many charities who’d like some volunteers… I guess people like the scouts would too.

You don’t have to be champion runner, football captain, or award-winning violinist to be a good employee. Businesses know that.


I definitely agree with you about the no point in lying comment but I have read so many CV’s that belong to family and friends and they all mention extra activities and achievements that have never actually been done or experienced. The argument is that it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done the activity it just looks better to them employer and they are not really going to question you about it so may as well mention something impressive - hence I thought I would ask on here what type of impressive extra leisure activities people have jotted down on their CV’s!

Until now I have written down things that I’ve been up to and been good at (footy team captain, enjoy travelling etc etc) but when I read over my CV I don’t see anything that really stands out which makes me dubious about my CV…

Again, thank you for your thoughts Ucayman.


Companies recieve thousands of application with applicants of similar experience and academic qualifications. The purpose of this section is so recruiters can make those all important decision as to which candidates should be progressed. They are looking for applicants to have been involved with a variety of things from being involved in university clubs to volunteer work.