Tell me a little bit about yourself...


This may seem stupid, but in the past I have been asked at the start of an interview to tell the interviewer a bit about myself. I have never really been sure what I should be talking about, whether I should go over details that they already know (like where I studied at University etc) or whether I should start talking about more obscure things that they don’t know (e.g. my hobbies).
I was wondering what sort of topics you guys cover when you are asked to speak about yourselves.

Thanks in advance for any replies!


I think this is similar to the classic “walk me through your CV” question. You should include your education and employment experiences, and even extracurricular activities. Start from GCSE/A-Level, and try and do it chronologically.

You should be aiming to make it look like you’ve become progressively more interested in the field your applying for. So if for example your applying for a finance role, but your degree is in history, try and integrate facets of finance into your response, i.e:

“During my History degree I found that I enjoyed the modules on Economic and Financial history the most. In addition, I took up a part-time role as the secretary of the Investment Society at univeristy.” etc.

Aim to make your response last 2-4 minutes.


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Thank you, that was really helpful


You might find [ this article] useful too - it’s about answering this question from an investment banking angle, but you can still apply the more general points.