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Hello everyone,

Has anyone did telephonic interview with Standard Life for Sales & Marketing Graduate Trainee? if you can shed some light on it would be greatfully appreciated. I have just passed my online test, and looking forward for the telephonic interview.

On other hand, if anybody has given telephonic interview with Standard Life for any of the graduate jobs? it is just to get some general idea and how to approach it.

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Hey Pankaj,

Could you please help shed some light about what kinds of questions they ask during the telephone interview? I have an interview coming up so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey ShanAce,

I am yet to appear for my telephonic interview.



Hey whens ur interview? Mine is on Thursday evening, so if you have had yours or will have it tomorrow please add any information here. Likewise, if its after Thursday I shall be happy to help anyone who needs any info regarding the interview

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Mine is on Friday morning. If you can post on how your interview went would be appreciated.

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Hi Pankaj and ShanAce,
I am a student at the university of Aberdeen. Just wanted to confirm weather we can apply for standard life being int’l students before getting our PSW visa. Sorry but the think is that I finidh my MBA in Jan’11 and my visa expires in may’11, so am a just bit curious to know that weather it could be the reason for getting rejected. I mean do they ask for PSW visa.
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Hello Birju,

I presume, when you apply for this position, in the application form you need to tell mention your current visa status. The role is for 2 years, so you need to cover yourself for 2011-2013. You need to have a visa before applying, but it is better to clarify with standard bank.

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Good People,
I’ve just had my telephone interview for Stand Life (Graduate Accountancy)
The questions I got asked were:-

  1. Why do you want to work for Standard Life?
  2. Why audit?
  3. Why do you want to work for Standard Life as opposed to other accountancy firms?
  4. How have I influenced a team?
  5. Give an example of a new challenge that you’ve undertaken.
  6. Given an example of an original idea you’ve bought to a team.

It was about 25 mins. And I was told to give different examples than the ones I had on my application.

If anyone needs anymore help just let me know.


mancman2011, thank you very much for the info. I am about to have my interview at the end of the week and this has definately helped.


Hi, i have applied the same field. how did you prepare for these questions? especially the first



Basically just research the company find unique points that seperates it from other firms. Read the website and research into program specifically. Read through my feedback maybe this will help,

Firstly make sure you’ve properly researched the company and the role. I’ve never applied Standard Life before and I’ve never had a telephone interview before so I made a few elementary mistakes.

  1. Why do you want to work for Standard Life?

My mistake here was that I said I’m attracted to working with the variety of different clients at Standard Life. This was completely the wrong thing to say. If you look on the website for the accountancy program you’ll see it’s a TOPPS program (Training Outwith Public Practice). Basically I was told this means that I won’t be going round visiting clients, I’ll be dealing with accounts within Standard Life.
So please don’t make the same mistake I made here!!!

  1. Why audit?

I was told this was good. Just spoke about how I enjoyed my internship at an accountancy firm.

  1. Why do you want to work for Standard Life as opposed to other accountancy firms?

I was told this was good too. Just spoke about how I’m attracted to the close knit atmosphere offered at Standard Life as opposed to other accountancy firms.

  1. How have I influenced a team?

I was told my answer here was ok.

  1. Give an example of a new challenge that you’ve undertaken.

I was told I made a little mistake in my answer here. Basically I was speaking about how I did a work placement as a researcher for the WTO. And explained how I was incharge in a group presentation and I was telling people what to do. My criticism here was that it sounded like I was too authoritarian and dominant. I should have said in my interview that I made sure the people in my group were happy to follow my orders, which they were!!!
Again try not to make this mistake if your using an example of this nature.

  1. Given an example of an original idea you’ve bought to a team.

This was ok aswell.

Good Luck!!!


whoa!!! that’s so detail. hope we will meet in Standard Life. have you got any offer or pending interview?


@mancman 2011, thanks a lot for the detailed inside info. has anyone else come across different questions to mancman? im preparing for telephone interview in sales and marketing


just had my interview. questions asked were:

  1. Why standard life? original idea i brought to the team?
  2. a new challenge that i have undertaken?
  3. how have i influenced a team?

Hi Everyone,

I have an assessment centre with Standard life this week…any help will he appreciated !!!
They told me about three exercises:

  • competency based interview (judgement, drive and influence)
  • analysis exercise
  • interview simulation

Thank you


hi mlm, many thanks for sharing your interview experience. I had similar questions too on my interview as well, its a good thing I made it through. So have you had your assessment centre? How did it go? I’ve got mine coming up in a few weeks…thanks!


Hello everyone, I am posting to ask for any guidance on the Standard Life Assessment Centre and also share my experience of the first round telephone interview.

I recently had my telephone interview for Standard Life’s accountancy graduate programme. It was very straightforward and only lasted around 20 minutes. The first part was career motivation so make sure you know why you want to work for Standard Life and specifically why you are choosing them over other accountancy firms. Also make sure you know what the programme entails and why you’ve chosen that particular scheme. Then there were some competency questions, mostly based around influencing a team and bringing creative ideas to a team. There was also a question asking about a recent challenge undertaken and my proudest achievement.

If someone could share their experience of the Assessment Day I would be hugely grateful!