Telephonic Interview for CATERPILLAR (CAT) - IT Business Systems Analyst


Hello Guys !!!

I have created this forum for Caterpillar IT Business Systems Analyst - 2015.

I have a Telephonic Interview next week. May I request you to please help me out with the questions so that I can prepare well. I am confused that how do they evaluate and which kind of questions they generally ask. So your help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

If you had an interview with different schemes please do share because I think the telephonic interview is same. If I am wrong please correct.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

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They basically need us to share university/work experience with example.
Has anybody faced this kind of interview before ? if yes, kindly share your experience.


I hope I’m not too late… It is a typical competency based interview. They will ask you what do you know about the company, and then 4 different competency based questions. If I recall correctly, I was asked to give examples where I showed initiative, leadership skills, planning and organizing skills, and being proactive. They are generally very nice and try not to put pressure on you. The whole thing will last about 30 minutes.

Good luck!