Telephone interviews

Irwin Mitchell


I’ve got telephone interviews coming up with addleshaws and irwin mitchell - just wondering if anyone would be able to give me an idea of the questions they ask or any other tips? I’ve read that the questions Addleshaws ask are mainly competency based but can’t find anything out about the Irwin Mitchell ones as I think they’ve just been introduced this year, so any info on that would be especially useful!



I had one for I.M yesterday.

it was strictly competency based. i cant remember the specific questions but they covered 5 areas.

1)team work
2)ability to solve conflicting deadlines
3)persuasion/ influencing others
5)changing the way you do something

hope this helps.




have either of you heard back from your interview yet? I had mine on Monday and they said up to 10 working days but do you know if they’ll let you know either way? Hope they went well, found mine a bit daunting!