Telephone interviewer did not call me!


Hi everybody,

I booked an telephone interview with RBS today, but they did not call me; I kept waiting — they still did not call me…
I sent them an email explaining the situation but they have not yet responded…
Of course I have confirmed my telephone number — it’s 100% correct and 100% work…
anyone experienced similar situation before?
I cannot find their number so cannot reach them through telephone…
What should I do?


I’d call them. That’s really not good of them. If a candidate did that to them, they wouldn’t invite the candidate for interview.


Check your RBS message centre/Application tracker.

If it doesn’t enlighten you then leave a message for them there/call them.


It might not be what happened to you but I had a telephone interview with a different company and they never called when they said they would. And I had no way to phone them back as they didn’t give me their number. But it just turned out the person doing the interview was ill and they called the next day to reschedule.