Telephone Interview



I have a telephone interview with PwC Legal coming up and just wondered whether anyone else had had a telephone interview with them already that could shed some light on what kinds of things I should prepare.

Also, if anyone has had a telephone interview with any other law firm, it could help me see the kinds of things I should be focusing on. Any advice would be appreciated!



Hi Monica123,

I have not yet had my interview with PwC Legal but I thought the following link may help you;-

If you have had your interview already, it would be much appreciated if you could let me know what to expect and advise on how I should prepare.

Many thanks!


I’m due to have it this week. When is yours?


Is that a phone interview or an assessment day?


I’m due to have mine this week too. It’s a phone interview so I’m guessing it will be based on competency questions?


Hey, yea mine was competency and commercial awareness based. How did yours go. Do you know if you’re through to the next round yet?


Hi guys,

I’ve applied to PwC Legal for the vacation scheme and I’ve been told that i have to do some online tests.

Which scheme are you all applying for? I assume you have completed the tests and you are now onto the next stage?

Also if any of you have completed the online tests, could you possibly suggest reliable practise websites?

Thanks :slight_smile: