Telephone Interview with Lloyds TSB for Cust Sales/Advisor


I have been succesfull for an telephone interview with Lloyds for a Customer Sales/Service Advisor on Tuesday 11th.

Has anyone had one of these, if so have you got any pointers/tips on what I should be looking for or what questions they are likely to ask?

I have no knowledge of banking, so as much info as possible would be great!


wat role did u applied for becos I went thru to the assessment center last year but did not make it.


hiya sarah jane can u please describe what questions you were asked during ur telephone interview as i have another coming up just to be sure that it has not changed since the last time i had one .


Hello - I’ve been succefully for a telephone interview too. They emailed me and asked me to book it. Unfortunetlely i cannot find anywhere on the TSB site to book it…

Does anyone have any pointers? Any tips on what questions they ask would be great too thanks :slight_smile:



Hi, I just found this forum, and thought I would share my experiences. I just got through a telephone interview with Lloyds. The interviewer was very polite, and asked quite straight forward questions. The ones I remember are:

  1. Tell me about yourself, and why your background is suitable for the role that you are applying with Lloyds. (FYI, I was applying for a customer advisor role)- Make sure your skills are in line with what experience you have, and what they are seeking for, in the role.

  2. Why Lloyds? (Research a little on the bank)

  3. Describe a situation in which you have faced failure, and with hindsight, in future, how would you make sure that nothing happened of the same nature?

(Make sure you follow the STAR format, Situation, Task, Action and Resolution). Once, I forgot to add an example from my experience, and they keep pressing to know about the particular experience, and make sure that your answers are clear.

  1. Describe a situation where you have gone out of your way to help a customer, and what did you do to make that service exceptional.

  2. Describe a situation in which you handled a complaint from a customer, and how did you deal with it?

  3. Have you ever missed a deadline, and if so, what were your steps to tackle it?

That’s about all I can remember…it lasted for about 40 mins. And the interviewer was nice enough to give me time to think, and was very friendly.

Good luck to everyone out there! I have a selection event coming up, and am totally confused as to how to tackle that. Does have any experience in that field? Any help would be appreciated!