Telephone interview with Capgemini



Hi All,

I have a telephonic interview coming up with Capgemini for the Capgemini Financial Services Global Business Unit graduate progamme. Just wondering whether anyone has any up-to-date tips? Perhaps in regards to the interview on the following lines.

  1. What questions are asked ?

  2. How long is the telephonic interview?

  3. Are the questions competency based?

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Hi Sakshi
How did the telephone interview go?

I have one this Thursday and can’t find any information on it. Is is “strength based” or “competency based”?





Hi it ws more of competency based. Was long back but questions like why capgemini why this business unit what challenges lie before financial services who are capgeminis clients and couple of competency based questions. Would be nice to quote examples with answers.


Thank you.


I’ll post my questions here once I do it myself