Telephone interview with Bloomberg


Hello I am taking a phone interview with bloomberg this monday for an Equity researcher position in London,
does someone can tell me which questions I have to expect?
thank you



I’m pretty sure you’ll need to:

  • have done your research on the firm;
  • be fully aware of current [[commercial awareness]] issues, and;
  • be prepared for several [[competency based questions]].

Read up on the history of the company and make absolutely sure you understand what you’ll be doing in this position, WHY you want to do it and WHY you are suitable to do it. Make sure you are aware of all current equity related issues.

I’d be surprised if the [[telephone interview]] is longer than 30 minutes. Good luck - do let us know what happens


Than you for the advice
I’ll give you a feedback as soon as I finish


Ok here is a short feedback of the telephone interview . It was a classic HR type phone interview (career motivations type of questions).
it was very short less than thirty minutes and here are the questions I’ve got:
why bloomberg
what do you know about your position, what do you think it is going to be like?
do you know what bloomberg is doing?
how do you see yourself in 3 years?
she also asked what were my salary prententions and for which other companies i was applying…

This interview was successful, I will now have to take another another which is more technical ( i will have questions about the principle of accouting)

To sum up , the most important is to carefuly research the firm and undestand what it is doing before the interview … and just be yourself

if anyone has information about equity data research positions and what the job looks like (in real) do let me know!


Is the next [[technical interview]] also a [[telephone interview]]?


Hi all, do anyone have any clue on the first interivew in bloombeg, as I am going to have one next week and as I know the interview will be group discussion and then presentation instead of one on one unless they inform you to have second interview, please let me know if any have this kind of interview before, thanks a lot


Apart from motivational questions were there any other classic competency questions like ‘describe a time when you did xyz’?


I love interview. a true test of mental strength. the technical questions should be based around the research methods which bloomberg curently use, e.g programs and operating systems. my advice would be, call an agency like reed, find a equity researcher position on there, and bleed them for information, e.g what kind of technical skills do you need?? works everytime


That’s a good idea. Your only stumbling block is the quality of the consultant at Reed - yo umay have to call a few times before you get a good one who can explain this well enough!


or look for the position on reed, its usually been posted by another recruitment firm, chase up the firm and bleed them for info!

Heres an example to try:

Call them and ask as much info as possible and basically interview them, ask them to assess your current situation and how you suit to the role, then ask what you might be expected to do, ask them questions you think bloomberg may ask you. that way, you’ll get smart answers and hopefully well structured!

include some of those skills in your cv if you havent got them already!

• Excellent communication skills
• Ability to pick up new tasks quickly
• Accuracy and close attention to detail
• Ability to multi-task
• Advanced Word, Powerpoint and Excel
• Sound understanding of database modelling techniques (ask what kind of techniques)
Preferable experience within an Equity Research environment

Hope this helps!!!


Thansk for the tips, btw I know I am going to have an introduction for like 3 minutes then group discussion and presentation, so excpet to introduce myself, job experience, what else should I say? any idea? as that is a short one so things have to be short and specific, Thanks ppl



I had the telephone interview with Bloomberg last week and they emailed me a few days ago saying they wanted to meet me in person next week. I have to prepare a 30 minute presentation on SIVs CDO’s and CMO’s. does anyone who has been through this stage know what they expect or have any tips?



Hey bobbyj hope the interview went well, i have a similar interview coming up and was wondering how many interview stages there were in total and in general your experience with BB and whether or not you’d be accepting any offers made?? Also which position were you going for?

If anyone else can answer the above or has any useful advice/ info that would be much appreciated.


hello guys,
I have been invited for an online technical assessment from bloomberg.Could someone tell me what its about.?
Like which language and what kind of topics?..


Hello All,

One of Bloomberg’s recruiters has contacted me. I called her back and she asked if she could call me back at a certain time. The time came and went. Are Bloomberg’s recruiters normally this rude and inconsiderate? I’ve got news, if they hire me for the post, I will do anything to get that bird sacked. Hey recruiter: if you’re reading this, you’re on notice.


I got a call back from BB on the 7th, she set up an interview time and date and said she’d email me. But no email as of yet and the interviews in a couple of days… are they usually like this??


I’ve had my interview… and i was wondering does anyone know how long bloomberg take to reply back??


I have been told to give an online technical assessment test from Bloomberg. Can you tell me what kind of questions are there?



Hi Ramya,
Have you taken the test? How was it? Could you let me know what kind of questions you got?
I need to take one. Please let me know.


Hi Ramya,
Have you taken the test? How was it? Could you let me know what kind of questions you got?
I need to take one. Please let me know.