Telephone Interview Network Security Engineer role


Hi frds,
I have got an telephone interview for Network Security Engineer role by Metadigm as i am not sure what to prepare as i was told there will run through a quick technical test and discuss the role in more detail with you. In my resume key points which i kept are certified as RHCE and CCNA with a Masters degree in Advanced Networking. I got my interview on monday evening and that would be great if any one can advice me how to proceed.

Thanks in Advance


Hi Rajesh,
Just read your post. Were you succesfull in getting the job?
I’m an ethical hacking graduate on the lookout for jobs.



After the interview i was told that the position was put on hold


Has anyone heard of Firebrand Training?

Someone has recommended me to their CCNA resources,

If you have attended their classes let me know please.