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Network Rail

Hi Guys,

I have a Network Rail Telephone Interview coming up soon and would be very grateful if anyone who had a tel interview with them, shared his/her experience with us.

Thank you in advance.


Which grad scheme did you apply for? Engineering? Management?


I applied for the Management Programme


I also have one coming up for Project Management, any tips or advice would be great!


Questions that you will be asked are as follows

  1. Why do you want to work for Network rail
  2. What are Network Rails future challenges (tip - look up future projects of Network Rail, e.g. ‘thameslink project’ etc
  3. Tell me about a time you had to build the confidence of a team or group of people
  4. Tell me about a time you analysed more than one solution to a problem but came up with a different solution (worded very strange but basically means thinking flexibly, time you used initiative)
  5. Tell me about a time when you overlooked something during a task or project and how did it affect your results/outcome
  6. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with conflict within a team.

Good luck


thanks for that enggrad, I have one too so very useful!


hi all, I’ve applied for Project Management scheme and have got my telephone interview this week. I’m a bit worried about this telephone interview as I’ve never done one before. Did everyone get the same questions as enggrad? Can I ask you guys tell me what questions they asked? iIf you don’t wish to go into too much detail, could you just tell me whether any of the questions you had were different.

Also, what do you do if you get asked exactly the same question as one on the form, would you come up with a different example, or could you use the same example but change the wording?

Cheers, many thanks!


I can’t remember exactly what I got asked but I think they were virtually all the same as enggrad maybe one or two different competencies. I also got asked how my values fitted with Network Rail’s, or something along those lines. I didn’t get any the same as the form so it wasn’t an issue for me but I think I would probably try and use different ones if possible.
Good luck!


Thanks for advice! .x


Evening all,
I have just been informed i have made it to the telephone interview stage for the contracts and procurement scheme at Network Rail, im yet to book my slot. By the looks of things the questions are pretty standard and somewhat similar to the initial application form we have to fill in!? Can anyone shed any more light on it please?? Is it best to use the same competency based examples as on initial form??



hello guys …

just got confirmation for an online verbal and numerical reasoning test, for network rail… i ve never done one before but i have been briefly trying some trials on the net… can someone please advise me on the material i should expect… or is it random and any tips on doing well will be handy too.



Yeah, it’s a bit tricky. The questions aren’t particularly difficult, you just don’t get an awful lot of time to do them. You get a do a practice 1st tho, just make sure you can work out percentages. The verbal test is a just a comprehension test, answering true or false questions to given a text. I failed it but they reinstated my application anyway - I’m applying for a civil engineering year in industry. Have my telephone interview 1st thing tomorrow morning woop.


Thanks for the info bro… good luck on ure interview in the morning… just got email from network rail again saying do the test before thursday 10 am so i can get my telephone interviw too … oh well lets see what happens… will the questions be random like the practice ones u get on wikijobs or wil they be specific to my field.


They’ll be random mate, like looking at graphs and stuff like that, just testing basic reasoning. You’ll be fine. Good luck anyway though.


thanks again for the advice my friend. i best get back to practice questions :frowning: … good luck again on ure telephone interview … have you aplied else where i could recommend some graduate programmes you may not have stumbled across???


Numerical and verbal test is a big ball ache mate, if you havnt done any maths since gcse it is tough, my theory was to make sure the answers i did complete were correct, rather than rushing through them and messing more up… I prob had around 7 or 8 left when my time ran out, i managed to pass it and have my telephone interview in the morn… Bricking it now!!!

What scheme is it your applying for? Im on the procurement and contracts 1!


LOL dont brick it mate, i think just stay calm when your talking on the phone, a friend once told me knowledge yourself with the company you are applying for… so look at network rails aims… goals… corperate governance etc etc all the info is on there website if you match your goals to theirs i am sure they will be well impressed … its a good strtegy to have when you are being interviewed telephone or in person.

i ll see what happens with the test …my maths is ok but some of the questions i ve practiced are well misleading and quite difficult… do u remeber any specific questions??? how many do u have and how long do they give???

i am applying for the same as you … they say i need to do the test before thursday so i can get my telephone interview in time for next fridays assesment centr thingy…


Ive done copious amounts of prep for it to be honest so should be pretty sorted for anything they throw at me… my temp job at the minute is very telephone orientated so im pretty confident of my manner…

Lots of graph related questions mate, its such a chore, i think there were 35 questions and your get 35 mins to do it… dont rush it tho!!

You looking at specifically going into purchasing then? Have you applied for any other schemes?? Its not really the ideal time is it lol?


lol i m sure u ll be ok bruva… i just really wanna get all the assesments out da way… been doing practice questions… bro the situation for jobs is terrible i get depressed thinking about it… i got rejected from balfour and waiting for lang o rourke… tesco got some god scemes going too


Im yet to do an assesment centre, i got a couple of applications in the pipeline, have got to the final interview on 2 only to be told because of current climate they not recruiting grads this year ha!

I got advised to steer well clear of tesco, sainsbury etc…

If its purchasing you want which in my case it is, i think best thing to do is get an assistantant buyers job and do self study C.I.P.S of your own back, this will then give you experience and industrial qualifications when applying for other long term posts…

When and where is the assesment centre for this??