Telephone interview-2016 Assurance Grad


I’ve applied for your London 2016 Assurance Graduate scheme and I will be having my telephone interview soon.
I have a question about the skills questions (ex:Describe a time when you worked in a team?). I am a BA Graphic Design and Illustration graduate and most of my recemt experience is related to my work in the design industry. Is it acceptable for my answers to come from an area not as related to Assurance or Finance? Or should I respond with my experience from college, where I studied Advanced Mathematics and Computer Science?

Also, on a side-note, do you offer any summer internships and would I be able to also apply for these? It would be good for me to have a bit more experience before I would start the gradaute programme.

Thank you for your time.



May I ask how long have you waited after online test to get the telephone interview?


Hi, I first received the mail that I passed the on-line tests on the 9th Oct. Then I got the message to book my telephone interview on the 26th Oct and I selected the 2nd Nov for it.
PS. When you get the mail to book it make sure you do it on the spot. When I went to select the date there were 3 dates listed, but while I was pressing ‘select’ they disappeared and I was suddenly left with only one option. So do it quickly so you still have more options for the date you want.


Thank you very much! This really helps. Good luck!


Good Luck to you too and maybe I’ll see you there next year :slight_smile: