Telefonica Talentum Graduates - 2013


Hi guys, was just wondering if anyone has applied for the Telefonica Talentum I.T/Networks Graduate Programme?

Have a video interview coming up having passed the application and test stages and was just wondering whether anyone has any tips, advice or remembers the questions etc if they’ve been through the experience already?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Have you done it? I have to do one by tomorrow - But really not sure what to expect!


hi guys,
Have you got the result of the online test? how long it takes, I am still awaiting for the results. What is the next stage, it looks like an online interview. Please I need some tips from those who had done it. BIG THANKS


How was your interview? Hope it went well!


It was only a video interview! I thought it went quite badly but I haven’t heard anythng yet! Has anyone been invited to an assessment center?


Hi All, I had the video interview but wasn’t too sure how it went but must have gone better than expected as had a call a few days ago inviting me to an Assessment Centre in Slough next Thursday (6th) - anyone else going?


Hi , I have an assessment centre next Wed 5th for the Marketing grad scheme. Which is yours for? Does anyone have any tips on what to prepare/expect?


Hi loz200

I also have a marketing assessment centre, have you decided what to prepare for the day?


When is yours? Well they haven’t given anything to prepare in particular so I am just researching on their website and thinking about possible competency questions that might come up. How are you preparing?


Does anyone know when we will find out the outcome of the assessment centre? End of this week or next? Did anyone ask?


Hey rd266, how was your assessment centre? Mines tomorrow so any information, tips, pointers you can provide about the day, exercises, interview etc would be really appreciated.



We were told that we will all find out in January! Seems a bit of a way off want to know asap but i spose theyve got alot to mark/consider


Thanks for letting me know! That is such a long wait considering all the assessment centres are over!


Hope everyone had a nice NYE!
Was just wondering if anyone else has gotten their offers yet?


Haven’t heard anything yet! When did you find out? What did you apply for?


Hey, i applied European Leadership, was at the assessment centre for Marketing though. I heard mid December, but I know they are giving out offers in January too. Just wondering what people think of the offers…


Congrats! Was there something unexpected in offer? They said marketing should hear this week or next…


Hi guys

I got an offer for marketing in mid December. I am still waiting for the contract to come through but the offer seemed good to me. What does everyone else think?


Well done! Are you going to accept it?


i’m waiting to get the details of the contract, specifically regarding professional qualifications etc.
I haven’t talked to any current grads either, hence why I wanted to know what you guys thought :slight_smile: