Telefonica (O2) vs AVEVA


Is there any graduate that can give me information about those graduate schemes ?

I have been offered a job in both of them.


hey, i got an offer from telefonica as well. Have you managed to get in contact with any current grads?


Hey - congrats on getting the job at telefonica :slight_smile:

just wondering if you could let me know what to expect from the first round interview please?

ive applied for the finance scheme for a one year placement

your time would be appreciated sofia2013 :slight_smile:


the first round interviews are very simple in my opinion, compared to other employers. Expect only 6 questions, all of them very straightforward. So just prepare the basics: why telefonica, general research into telecoms, your strengths / weaknesses… Practice answering questions on your pc if you haven’t had an online interview before. Small things matter, like looking into the webcam and managing to stay enthusiastic and convincing even though you are pretty much sitting there, talking to yourself.