Telefonica O2 2012 Internship - Talentum



Has anyone received an offer for the Telefonica O2 2012 Internship?


Hey! I have one for finance at the Slough office :slight_smile: What about you?


Congrats…I got an offer too in Glasgow office.


Hey, I have one for HR at the Slough Office :slight_smile: Do you know of anyway we can contact the other Interns, as I ideally need to find someone to live with and find some where to live in Slough!



I would like to ask since when you guys got the offer?

I have not heard anything from them yet so I’m a bit worried.


congratulations to all of you! :slight_smile: we got an email for a facebook group for all the interns so i think that is the best way to contact the other interns :slight_smile:
we got it last thursday and friday. hope you hear from them soon! :slight_smile:


Hi Vanann,

I got mine last week Friday…


Thank you guys

Little hope but fingers crossed …



I have a telephone interview tomorrow for the Internship. Can anyone share their experience(s) on the interview and typical information the emloyer is after?