Telefonica Marketing Graduate Scheme 2014


Hi there,

I applied for the Telefonica Marketing Graduate scheme for the 2014 intake and was just wondering who else did and at what stage they are at? I filled out the online application, and I passed the online tests, and I’ve done a video interview…this was a couple of weeks ago now and so I’m just waiting to hear if I got through to an assessment centre. On the website it says that the assessment centres take place between Nov 2013 and Feb 2014 but they will be in contact 14 days in advance.
I am yet to hear anything but just wondered if anyone else had?
I struggled with the video interview - a couple of the questions threw me a bit and I had to think really quickly so not sure how that went really!


Hey, yep same as you, did the online interview on the 5th Oct and still not heard back… I think weve applied pretty early and they’re only gonna let us know when they’ve organised an Assessment centre so maybe nearer Nov.

I struggled with the video interview too! some questions definitely threw me, but from reading some of the past threads, other people have said the same and have still passed so lets hope for the best!

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Hi there. Do you mind sharing your experience of the types of questions asked in the Video interview? Feeling REALLY nervous and feeling unprepared!! Many thanks and good luck!!


Hi Can you please share your experience with your video interview as to the specific questions. Were they similar to last years? Sorry to bother you but I’m super nervous and this would help.



Ahh, I’m pleased to hear you’re at the same stage as me and waiting as well. That’s reassuring! I wonder out of how many that applied got through to the video interview…and again how many will get an assessment centre??

The questions on the video interview were so mixed! I had found some examples from last year so I had tried to prepare from them…turns out NONE of the questions I had prepared came up! And the thinking time of 1min made me panic a bit! Just hoping I didn’t do many umms and ahhs, and that I said some good stuff!

Just out of curiosity, have you already graduated or are you still at uni? I think it’s fairly even probably!

Good luck to you too! :slight_smile:


Hi there!

This probably isn’t the answer you were looking for, but I’m slightly reluctant to say what questions I had in my interview other than that they were not similar to last year’s from what I can gather. Sorry, it’s just that technically we are competing against each other, and just want to keep things fair! I had no idea what the questions would be when I did it, and I was extremely nervous too.
Just make a few notes on some ‘typical’ questions and on your best attributes and have them next to you when you’re doing the interview. Don’t speak too fast and try to look at the camera (although I found this hard!)

Good luck!


I have graduated from my Masters, and I’m about to start working. Ok but just a thought; without any help or mention of the types of questions from previous years we would all be in the dark; so advice can be useful. But I can understand why there’s an ‘each to their own’ attitude considering we are all going for the same pool of jobs




Hi guys,

I did the video interview last week and am waiting to hear back from Telefonica, guess they must be reviewing the footage.

Has anyone heard back yet?


Hi there!

Nope, I am in the same position as you! I did the video interview a couple of weeks ago now and haven’t heard anything at all yet!


Still waiting…anyone heard any news?


Nothing yet…


Anybody received an invite to assessment centre or contacted telefonica regarding time scale to hear back?


No not heard from them and I cant find a contact number for them… but from these forums it looks like no ones been invited to a marketing AC yet


Looking over some of the older threads on this site, it would seem that people will start to hear back around November the twenty something, with assessment centres taking place just before mid December.


hi guys

As I posted in other threads here, I booked my AC to be on the 3rd next month (b2b sales) and I am looking for any tips that you might be willing to share. I know that we are all competing here and some will be reluctant to give inside info but anyway.

As far as the video interview is concerned - it is intense and the questions are somewhat surprising. the most ordinary one was the “where you see yourself after 2 years” one which was mentioned in the e-mail.



I have heard back from Telefonica after applying for graduate marketing scheme and I have picked my assessment centre date. Any feedback about assessment centres for Telefonica would be great.


Well done!!

I’ve still not heard anything :frowning:


Is anyone else still waiting to hear back? I haven’t heard anything yet.


got an email a week ago saying we’d here back by Jan 15th, so it doesnt look like were gonna hear back anytime soon unfortunately!


Hey everyone :wink:
I have an assessment center thos Thursday (12th of December) Is anyone else going ?
And if someone can share some experience about what to expect I will be very thankful :wink: