Telefonica graduate 2014 Finance


I have already passed my online tests. The tests are really ease one compared with BIG Four accountancy companies and Banking LTDs.

Today, I just finished my On-line -interview. But It’s not going well as I previously expected. :frowning:

What I found in Wiki job about last year graduate job interviews questions were very useful.

I got 3 old questions and 2 new ones.

So I post my questions here.

My question is
(1) why join telefonica
(2) Situation U deal with conflict with your teammer
(3) experience dealing with numbers
(4) telefonica’s challenge
(5) resilience questions about your setbacks, and what can u learn from it.

Good luck with u guys


Thanks for that will be useful if I get past the tests I’ll be taking the tests tomorrow.
How quick was they to let you know you passed them?


I think it was 1 day later after you passed the online tests, you will be given their online-interview link.


Any body heard back after their Video interview?


Had my video interview. Got the same questions that evan good luck provided in the post.


Have anyone received invitation to AC?


Who is going to assessment centre?


I still haven’t heard back, have you got an invite now?


I still haven’t heard back, have you got an invite now?


no, unfortunately - I only got the email starting with: Hi, We just wanted to let you know we haven’t forgotten about you…

Also I know that some people, who applied for finance (danati and lyndsayc5) already had an interview before assessment centre.


yeah i got the same email I guess they mustve applied really early. Did they get a face to face interview?


Yes, it was face to face.

I applied on the last day and had my video-interview in the end of October. And you?


same here. Applied on the last day and my interview was on 31st october


Hi Guys. I’ve been invited to an assessment centre for the graduate finance programme. I did my video interview and then had to go down to Slough for a face to face interview with one of the finance managers (an extra step in the selection process specifically for this programme).

As far as I know, there were around 15-20 candidates invited down to the face to face interviews, and from that they have selected a handful to go to the assessment centre.

This may just be the first assessment centre, with more due after Christmas, but who knows. If you haven’t been contacted then you are still in with a shot (no news is good news), so don’t panic.


Daniel, when is your AC?

P.S. Good Luck there!


Mid December.