Telefonica Assessment Centre


I have an assessment centre for the Telefonica Graduate Scheme (marketing) next week - has anybody done this, or even a general marketing assessment centre? (most people I know have only done financial/banking ones which would probably be structured differently).

Just looking for any tips and ideas on how best to prepare, thanks!


Hi Kiran

I have a Telefonica Marketing assessment centre coming up next week. Do you have any tips from your experience?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


I have a finance assessment centre on the 12th of December. Has anyone has any experiences of the O2/Telefonica assessment centre process?


What was within the assessment centre? For example what tests did you have to do? I have a finance one in 2 weeks and I am curious.



Hi all

I am working for Telefonica now as I got the job after the assessment centre :slight_smile:

It is quite straightforward (I assume it will be similar this year to last year). We had to do a group presentation, individual presentation, individal interview and a roleplay.

They do not try and catch you out and everybody is very nice. Be yourself. Obvious things are: engagement, creativity, initiative, etc. For interview, a lot of it is competency based so think about examples from your past where you have demonstrated things like leadership, innovation, etc. Know your CV inside out. Research the company, mainly look at the fit between yourself and Telefonica - why should they hire you and not somebody else? How do your skills fit the company’s vision?

Any other questions, let me know :slight_smile:


Hope that helps!


Hi Kiran,

I was just wondering, was your presentation and business analysis? And if so what did it entail, did you have to do much maths?

Thanks for all the help!


Hi guys, I’ve got my assessment centre on Thursday…just wondering if anybody of you could add more info on what I should expect…cheers:)


Hi all,
I have telefonica Graduate program digital soon. May I please have some tips from your experience? I will appreciate any kind of tips.
Can you describe the assessment day, the topic and so on?
Thank you


Hi guys,

I will be going to Slough for an assessment centre on the 3rd of December for the B2B sales programme. Anyone else going for the same?

Also I would appreciate if anyone could share their experience from the telefonica assessment centres (regardless of the programme and the year).

Thanks in advance!


Who is going to assessment centre?


I should go to the AC and you?


Hi, I went to the Telefonica Assessment Day last year for the marketing program - the day consisted of a group discussion, one-to-one interview and a briefing assessment. Just make sure you’re really prepared and be the first to jump in on the discussion. The day is quite relaxed and the people are really nice. If you’ve got this far you really don’t have much to worry about.


Anyone scheduled for next week? B2B sales scheme here. send me a message, 10x




Thanks for the tips, guys… do you happen to remember the topics or any other useful info? Also, the individual presentation - is it a free topic or assessors’ choice?


Who will be there tomorrow?


Who was there?


Hi there,

I was there in Leeds on the 11th, have you heard back from them yet?


Sorry, I meant on the 28th


his post is q old now but hopefully future applicants will see this and it will help.
I had my assessment centre yesterday and I thought I’d outline the day whilst it’s still fresh in my mind.

There are usually groups of between 10-20 applicants… So it’s important to stand out.
There 1 individual interview. 2 individual exercises, and 1 group exercise. They are created to find out DISCOVER, DISRUPT & DELIVER qualities (the telefonica values)

The individual interview is more of an “informal chat”… The interviewer will probably ask the normal competency questions (think, “give me an example of when you have changed someones mind” or “give me and example where you have made a mistake and how you have learnt from it”. They’ll also probably ask general questions like “why do you want to work for O2?”

The individual exercise is where you are given a case study type thing… You will have 25 mins to read it and answer 5 main questions. Make sure you manage your time well and read through all the info. You will then present your findings to an assessor, and they will ask you a few extra questions you weren’t prepared for. This is the DISCOVER part of the day.

The next individual exercise is similar format to the first. Although they will be looking for DISRUPT qualities.

The group exercise is their chance to find out DELIVER qualities. Make sure you speak up… Although often some of the loudest candidates aren’t the best ones!