TEFL program - has anybody?


Has anybody done the TEFL program? I hear it’s pretty easy money and is the best way to travel and earn at the same time.

What happens if you want to go to an english speaking country, e.g. new zealand or australia? Are you out of a job?


You can teach TEFL in any country in the world. If there aren’t schools that will hire you, you can start your own.

You can teach TEFL in NZ and Australia… you can teach it in Walthamstow!!! There are plenty of people in English speaking countries who can’t speak English… and pletny who come there as tourists to learn and want lessons… in fact, there are probably better chances of getting a job doing TEFL in english language countries… as most english teachers want to go somewhere exotic like Thailand and learn Thai…

Salaries are alright… ?20k a year approx in Europe… ?12k in Thailand… ?25k Japan… You’ll need to get another part time job in the summer when there are less students to supplement your income too…

Look here…

This is a good school in Madrid too…

I think you can get grants to study TEFL in the UK… not sure how… anyone else know?!!