Technology in investment banks


Hi everyone,

I have two questions concerning technology division inside investment banks.

First, what is the technical level expected by investment banks at the internship level? IT is not my specialty at university since i’m more specialized in maths. I have an experience of programming and information systems but this was overall secondary in my education.

Then, what proportion of IT in investment bank is support functions? My professional dream being different from programming excel sheets and graphical interfaces, I would not like to end up doing that. I know investment bank also do algorithmic trading tools and intelligent systems but what proportion of IT people do this kind of job?

Thanks for your answers


Question 1:

The level experience required for a [[graduate scheme]] is dependant on the bank- some would like lots of good experience, others are not fussed and would prefer to train you themselves. At the [[internship]] level however, it is fair to say that no significant experience or knowledge is required- all that is required is a keen interest. It is also fair to say that as a maths graduate, you are reasonably within the target catchment of an [[investment bank]]'s [[technlogy]] recruitment.

Question 2:

Again, it depends on the bank. There is capacity of course for you to do some tricky programming, but then of course in the real world spreadsheets and GUIs also have to be built too. The larger banks tend to develop proprietry trading and analysis systems, so you might be well suited here.

To be honest though, considering the way you have posed your question, have thought about the posibility of becoming a [[quant]]? (quantitative analyst) This job is more mathematical in nature and might be more up your street. You’ll probably also get paid more, which is no bad thing.