Technology delivery Phone interview


Hi I was recently invited to schedule a phone interview by email, I just have two questions about this.

  1. I was not invited to take the numerical or verbal test before hand, I sat the SJT test and that’s it, does that mean I’ll do the tests after the interview?
  2. What is the best way to prepare for the phone interview?
  3. Will the commercial awareness questions be business or technology based?

Hi, I applied for the technology consulting programme. Once I did the SJT, I was invited for a telephone interview without having taken the numerical and verbal tests. I emailed KPMG about this and Technology roles do not require you to sit the numerical and verbal test. I used this forum to prepare well for the phone interview. The same or similar questions came up as already stated in the forum. At the start of the interview the interviewer will explain the order of the competency questions. I was asked a few situational scenarios. e.g. You are coming to the end of a project that has been quite repetitive and has taken a lot of your time. You are due to start a new project when you receive an email from a manager of your previous project who requests there has been some mistakes that need rectifying. The new project is an opportunity for you to really learn and develop. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity, how do you deal with this? Another was about time-management- how do you prioritise work after returning from the office after a holiday. My commercial awareness questions weren’t technology based. I was asked to name a business that was doing well and why it is doing well. Also if it doesn’t do so well, how would I advise them in order to turn the business around. Why technology appeals to you? What do you expect to be doing in your first year? What do you think you’ll struggle with? Tell me about a time you needed to do a task you didn’t want to do? tell me how you went out your way to help a client? A time when you were proud? Why KPMG over the other Big4? Those are all I can remember… I hope this is useful :slight_smile: Good luck!