Technology at Investment Bank


Hello everyone,

I am interested into getting a job at the tech department of an IB, however the information on these positions/environment is not much. After reading about GS in particular, I understand they are looking for people who are in fact geeks (tech gurus) and at the same time they look “smart” in their fashionable suit. Anyone had any experience with internships/industrial placements in technology roles at IB firms?

My biggest problem is that I am not a native English speaker, and I would appreciate your comments/experiences on how they judge you regarding this. I am worried that this might mask my excellent problem solving/technical skills. But then again technology roles do not require too much “socialising”, or do they?

Thanks for sharing your experience.


If you’re very good at what you do, and you can prove it, a slightly lower standard of English won’t really effect your application. From your post, your English seems pretty good. For example, you used “geek” appropriately… :slight_smile:


also… you can use your other language/s to your advantage on your application form. Most firms are crying out for applicants with multiple languages right now.


They are all geeks. That’s for sure. They do also get well paid, although the work is hard.

What kind of information are you looking for?


I think it could really depend on what roles you’re going for as well. If you’re going for a business analyst role, interpersonal skills become more important than a developer role.

@chrism2671, could you please elaborate on the difficulty of the work?


The hours are long and the work is very technical. It is entirely deadline motivated, which means you are constantly rushing to finish something before teh deadline, working into most evenings to get things done. Once when deadline has passed, there is one just behind it. This is very common for a large number of city firms, in all industries.

In other words, they pay you well but expect to get what they paid for.


…what you say seems plausible, but the hours aren’t as bad as corporate finance/front office roles isn’t it? Have you held a technology position yourself?


No, but I had a friend who did [[technology]] at [[Goldman Sachs]]. They worked him to the bone. He was in early in the morning and left after 9 every night. According to him, what made it worse was that everybody else was working even more than him. He said he was among the first to leave at 9, and felt guilty. Anyway, it ended up making him ill and eventually he quit.

However, this was just the experience of my friend and it doesn’t mean it’s actually all doom and gloom! Maybe it was just him!