Technical Telephone Interview with BT


Hello guys. I applied to the ICT graduate scheme with BT and have passed my telephone interview. I am now awaiting a technical telephone interview. Has anyone encountered this before? I will appreciate any help, advice or any of the questions (that were asked). Thanks.


HI Mate!
Heard you were waiting for a technical interview with BT…Could you let me know how it went and what questions were involved…I have also recently passed my initial telephone interview and am now waiting for a technical one…Can you HELP!!! I appreciate your time…


Hi Guys,

Can someone please update this post with some infromation?!?!?

I am in desperate need as I have been rejected from many graduate schemes at various different stages… I need the info. asap. Feel free to contact me directly.

Do they expect me to commit to a particular job role I am interested in out of the 6+ they have on offer?
How long did the technical interview last?
What types of questions do they ask you? (Examples, please?)
How many questions do they ask?
Is the entire 40 minutes technical interview questions? (So, no more competency questions, at all?)
How was your experience?

Never done a technical interview before and to be honest I am worried… How do they assess I am doing well? What is their “marking criteria”?




Did any of u guys hear back from BT? I had a shocker this morning. I was contacted on Monday & scheduled to have that technical interview today at 11am. At 12noon I was still waiting so i gave them a call only to be told that all the roles had been filled & they were no longer taking anyone!!!


Exact same scenario my friend… it’s a shambles… you can’t arrange interviews and then not conduct them. They shouldn’t arrange them in the first place, and if positions get filled then just let us know.


Can anybody tell me the format for technical interview with BT. I have been called for research graduate position. I have done the competency based interview now they have called me for a technical interview.


hi mate,

how did your interview go?

any advice? I have mine this week.


Hey Guys, I just had the telephone interview from BT for Technical scheme… Would like to help others as this site helped me a lot…

  1. Why do you want to apply to BT? How does it with your long term aspirations and plans?
  2. Strengths i have that could improve BT’s performance
  3. What do you know specifically about the programme you have applied to? Why did you choose it?
  4. Tell me about a time when you gave a particularly innovative solution and idea to a problem?
  5. BT clients and services??
  6. Tell me when you identified a solution which resulted in cost savings or revenue generating opportunity. How did you achieve this and what steps did you initiate?
  7. Tell me about a time when you were faced with an obstacle or challenge that might have prevented form achieving something and what you did to turn around the situation?

The interview lasted exactly 30 mins and the lady was very friendly… Fingers crosses n hope I clear it…
Hope this helps others too…
Let me know if any other help I can do…