Team work example


Hie guys,

Its me agian, do you think my example of teamwork comes across as a positive competence? I tried to do include all aspects of the S.T.A.R technique.

I will appreciate any feedback from you.

Thank you.

As part of my degree requirement we were supposed to do a research project in a group of 5 members. We had to write up a lengthy report and give a presentation within a four week deadline. Our tutor was always available via email in case we need to ask any questions.

My colleagues and i decided to split the work accordingly and decided to meet twice a week to give update our work and check on the group’s progress as a whole making sure our work was in sync.

Even though we had decided we would meet twice a week, i often had to email or call my colleagues to update them of my progress and find out how they were going on.

I also suggested we meet with our supervisor so that we could check if we were on the right track and if we were producing decent work. I emailed our supervisor to arrange weekly appointments to get feedback on our work.

I have no reservations about hard and long hours of work as I am goal orientated. I remained loyal and committed to the team and was able to use my creativity and interpersonal skills to mobilize the team to be motivated. As a result due to my careful planning and diligence, our work was well structured.

The PowerPoint presentation was a state- of the art one. We were able to complete the project with excellent grade, an 8 out of 10.


Sounds fine but also remember they can ask you questions to try and get more out of the example given.

E.g. ‘Were there any problems faced during the project and if so what did you do to solve this problem?’

Also I was told in my PWC feedback that it’s good to have a wide variety of experiences to draw from. You’ve mentioned a lot of university work here and in your online form but if possible try to use other experiences. Though a few university projects is by no means a problem.


I concur, try and make sure you come across as an interesting person- make sure you have a variety of examples that demonstrate you are not dull.


Thanx for the advice chrism2767, i passed the Screening stage and now preparing for my first interview…


Good luck!


I’ve just got an email saying that I have to do them online tests…i’m okay with the verbal part but having not touched Maths since high school I am desperately lacking in that area!