Taylor Wessing Interview

Taylor Wessing


I had an assessment day with Taylor Wessing, and got through to the interview stage. Does anyone know what its like, what they might ask, how tough it is etc??

Any advice would be much appreciated!



i got a place this summer, its really friendly. just make sure you know your application inside out and prepare for a couple competency questions (leadership, initiative etc) but its more like a chat, so relax and show your personality!

good luck!



That’s brilliant Rochelle, thanks!

Do they ask many commercial based questions, or anything Taylor Wessing specific?

Thanks again, much appreciated :slight_smile:



erm there was a fair bit of commercial in mine but its because I dropped it in (so it doesn’t have to go there). they don’t ask you about a recent story or anything but might be good to get clear in your head whats going on generally eg. unavailability of credit (for businesses and individuals), reduced leverage, less m& a activity, more refinancing of debts etc…but just be chatty/friendly and you’ll be fine



Hi thank you for all your advice - I got a vac scheme with them! :slight_smile: