Taylor Wessing Assessment Centre and Interview

Taylor Wessing

Hey! does anyone have information about [[Taylor Wessing]] and their interview and assessment center day? it would be greatly appreciated as I cant find much about it, except for their limited website.

Thank you!


I met a guy once who scored an [[training contract]] and it all seemed very easy… but perhaps that was just him. Apparently he just strolled in for an [[assessment centre]], met a [[partner interviews|partner]] or two, talked about university, a few [[competency based questions]] and a [[commercial awareness]] question and he was out. They called him up the same day and offered him the job.

This was about two years ago so he’s probably working at the firm now, but have lost contact so can’t find out any more from him. I know the firm has a little bit of an “old school” reputation, so you might want to brush up on your knowledge of cricket and rugby to impress the partners too… :p.


Alright heres the breakdown.

Once you sign in with reception, your taken into a room with all the other candidates. They have pre-assigned you into groups, mine had 5 individuals in it. Your taken into a room and then, again, split into pre-assigned teams, your name will be on the desk. My team consisted of 2 people (me and another person) the other Team had had three people.

Watching us was two individuals, one was from HR and im going to guess the other was a partner/associate, I didnt pay too much attention. Your then given a scenario, ours was that the firm was looking into lateral hires of partners from other firms. Our team was assigned with the the pro’s (advantages) of lateral hires while the other was assigned with the con’s (disadvantages).

Your given 25 minutes to plan, 5 minutes to put through your argument, 5 minutes to question the other team and 5 minutes to be questioned, and I think 5 minutes to be questioned by the HR and associate/partner. In our case we didn’t really follow this structure and finished early.

You’ll need commercial awareness, to the point that you know what a board of directors are and what a ‘lateral’ hire is and general knowledge of what’s going on in the legal world.

I personally didnt find this part difficult, I doubt many will, but I think it comes down to how you express yourself and express yourself vividly so that the HR person knows to tick the right boxes. General Taylor Wessing company info would be an advantage, but not necessary, you can turn up early and read their big file they have in the waiting area lol. And the scenarios will be different, so dont bank on having the same one.

After the exercise your given a 15 minutes timeout to relax, then your lead into a room for a SHL Verbal reasoning test, then told to go home.


Thanks! Making this a wiki now… did you get the job? What happened?!


i didnt get it… it was stupid really, in my feedback i did really well… but my eyes gave way and i wasnt allowed to underline the verbal reasoning exam paper so I royally screwed it up… my fault really I should of told them about my eyes prior lol


I’m sorry to hear that xoxo. At least you know you did well and why you didn’t get the TC. So, where next?! Any more interviews lined up?!


I’ve gotten through to duetsche bank, IBM, Accenture, Barcap and a few others but as there not really in my field of study, I dont do so well in their assessments and interviews… but for some odd reason IB and consultancy firms are more receptive to me then law firms :confused:


sorry to hear you didn’t get the training contract. How many are you applying for? I find its good to apply to a few but not too many, as the quality decreases rapidly.
In the future, once you get in, focus on remaining calm and eager in interview… then you should bag it!