TAX QUESTION how to answer? please help!


1)Do you consider Tax Consulting services important for today’s business?
Please give your reasons.

2)How do you think Tax Career can contribute to your professional development?

all your help would be appreciated!!!


I worked in the Tax department at KPMG during the summer so i might be able to help a little. I dont know to what extent you know the different areas in Tax.
Basically, Tax covers areas like employment tax. indirect tax (i.e VAT), corporate tax, personal tax. Businesses need to know if they are being tax effecient and will need advice on :the different projects they undertake e.g. investments(M&A is included in this) or even moving employees across borders. They also need advice on charging VAT to products and also check if they can be exempted from VAT on some of their products. I hope this helps for the first question.
Besides this, businesses also need advice on the amount they need to pay to inland revenue every year and the tax consultant will act as an agent for the client with regards to tax issues with the Inland Revenue.


Thanks a million. It is quite useful )