Tax qualifications?


I have an interview with BDO soon in tax and was just after some clarification. Will I be sitting the ACA exams and then possibly CTA, or do I do ATT then CTA? I can’t seem to find any definitive answers on the website, so any help is much appreciated.


I’d give their HR/Grad support team a quick call to clarify that because it depends - KPMG do a joint one, whilst PWC seem to just do the CA and then you can specialise into CTA afterwards.


It depends on which area of tax you’ll be working in. Some you sit ACA, some you sit CTA, some you can choose.

I’m applying for international tax, which means if I get in I’ll be sitting ACA. Perhaps this is just London office though, I’m not sure whether you need to specify an area for other offices…


On the actual BDO website it says tax people do aca which imho is better anyway…


hey guys i have got an interview with deloitte tax…and am wodering how much do i need to know about tax?and current issues with implications on tax…help anyone?



I am no expert in the tax side of things… But a friend of mine got into E&Y doing tax and knew hardly anything about tax (despite doing accounting degree!). Probably good to read up on the current tax rates (for individuals and companies)

Some important tax issues at the moment centre around tax havens and tax evasion(illegal) and avoidance (legal but is it ethical…). One specific thing I read about this morning is that in the April Budget they announced (although not noticed) they were repealing Section 765 of the Corporation Tax Act (which forces companies to seek permission from the Revenue before moving cash offshore, it allows tax investigators to ask them whether moving money out of the UK is to the Treasury’s detriment. [] ) It also produces information associated with companies’ overseas tax and equity structures. and this obviously could have implications for tax compliance work at Deloitte.

hope that helps a bit, Ucayman.