Tax or Consulting?


I was hoping people could help me decide between two offers I have received - one in Tax at Deloitte and the other in Consulting at PwC.

The pay will be similar, although I don’t know how the salary progresses (especially with consulting as there is no qualification to achieve). I think consulting may be more interesting, but then I think that the opportunity to study for the ACA will potentially be more useful in my future career. In terms of the 2 companies, I got a good feel for them both, although might slightly prefer Deloitte because it’s a smaller department and I have interacted with more people I would potentially be working with. I’m leaning towards consulting, but I’m not sure of the worth of the ACA…

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have to make my mind up fairly soon.


Although both disciplines fall within the umbrella of accountancy/finance, they are quite different areas of work within the profession and will lead you down different career paths.
My first question is how much do you actually know about Tax and Consulting as I imagine most people would choose to apply to one or the other.
You need to speak to someone who can go through the pros and cons of each in more detail. Do you have any family or friends in the profession who you can talk to?
Alternatively, a specialst careers advisor should be able to help.
I’m presuming you’ll be doing Corporation tax (personal tax in my opinion is not as interesting at all and is a bit laborious). Tax at big 4 level can be very challenging especially when you are into the realms of International tax, group taxation, HMRC investigations of eg transfer pricing…
The ACA qualification is a bonus of course, as it is recognised as one of the best business qualifications. Would you be taking Institute of Taxation exams instead or in addition after ACA?
Not much help other than to say talk to some experts.