Tax at deloitte (employment consulting)


Where would i be in 5 years?
-I would have completed my att and then cta exams when i could become a tax advisor

  • I would be given a greater deal of responsiblity, possibly possibly responsibility for other people

Other than the above I’m really struggling to come up with an answer for this.


You will have completed you [[ATT]] and have significant work experience advising clients on tax issues, checking tax returns and coaching people. You will also have developed significant technical experience and knowledge. You will have established good relationships with your clients and will have several people helping you on client work. If all goes well, within another 12 months, you should make manager, and be given direct responsibility for the majority of your client’s affairs.

Does that help at all?


That is very helpful.

Thank you


fc85, so how was ur interview goes? Any clue if tax is already full?thax!


I have my interview on Friday, I was told that tax for 2008 is full but my application has been transferred to 2009